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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Hey all,

Another day, another shift, another easy-peasy Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments posting. I’m glad (judging by the hits and the odd comment left here and there) that y’all are having as much fun as I am in scrutinizing and then gossiping about our characters.

Wait – we sound kinda like bitcas, don’t we? Ah, well… Onward I Say!

Our subject this time out is Angel and our target is After The Fall, issue 13. I’m not gonna lie – I had some real problems throughout this series, especially while we’re stuck in Hell-Angeles and there are still some problems with the writing in this one but ultimately, I really liked it. IDW’s handling of Angel was marred by storylines that took way too long to go anywhere and not only while we’re in Hell-Angeles either.

But at least between last issue and our current subject things were moving along at a nice clip, and the character dialog was excellent [well, except for Cordelia’s sudden 180-degree turn of opinion]. But, does that translate into kudos for our heroes… or only embarrassing demerits?

Our subjects will be: Angel, Spike, higher-being Cordelia, Gwen, Illyria, Connor & Cordelia the Dragon.

This Is Why We Love Them:

Angel: For a shining moment there, Angel chose to go with Cordelia – uh, the higher being one – in order to spare the world from the horror he is “destined” to visit upon it. Then, he didn’t. But for a minute there… but still… no kudo, Angel.

Spike: Spike’s battle with a Gunn-Minion vampire guard was pretty awesome. But defeating a run-of-the-mill minion, no matter how cool, doesn’t earn a kudo.

Cordelia (PTB): Cordelia is written so schizophrenic, I have no idea what she wants Angel to do. I can tell you that she doesn’t distinguish herself with a kudo, though.

Gwen: Our electricity throwing mutant does the self-sacrifice thing, so you know she’s getting a reward despite her demerit last issue for her betrayal of Angel Investigations on behalf of Gunn. Alas for Gwen, though, I found her death stupid and needless. I’ll issue her only a Half-KUDO. [The reason? She could’ve just as easily retreated with Connor into the stairwell while laying down suppressive fire with her lightning. Letting herself be mauled so she could blow up one dragon out of eleventythouhundreds was pointless.]

Illyria: The old god doesn’t do anything kudo-worthy.

Connor: Angel’s son gets a Half-KUDO for his defeat of Gunn. It’s a shame he didn’t dust him, but he did get style points for face kicking him out of a high-rise window.

Cordelia (Dragon): Poor Dragon-Cordy – she tried so hard to protect Connor, but she was vastly outnumbered by her counterparts and quickly dies. Last stands on behalf of somebody else gets a KUDO – a full one because her death wasn’t a needless sacrifice like with Gwen’s.

I’m also issuing a special KUDO to the resurrected Slayers, who defeated Spike and dusted him! [He gets better, because of some weird magic-tower bullhockey in Gunn’s HQ… which, uh, should mean that Angel’s dying wouldn’t stay permanent anyway, so his whole dilemma was also moot. Unless Cordelia could’ve overrode that in his case by taking his soul with her? See what I mean about the problems with the writing on this series? Brian Lynch gets germs of a great idea and then scribbles them down for print without thinking through the logical consequences of what he’s just set up.]

This Is Why We Roll Our Eyes At Them:

Angel: I feel the need to give Angel shit about putting the entire world at risk just because Connor gave him an “I love you” speech. LAME - and counterproductive to his entire reason for risking his life in the first place – to make up for his past actions as Angelus and as himself. Even with that though, I don’t want to be too harsh. I’ll only issue Half-DEMERIT.

Spike: I’ll not issue Spike any demerits.

Cordelia (PTB): Cordy really bugs me in this issue. She seems to make a 180-degree turn from last issue to this one on the subject of Angel living or dying being better to do without adequate explanation. And the truth is that Angel’s dying could’ve only helped stop W & H’s ultimate plan, so I feel the need to mock her lack of conviction to the greater purpose. I’ll issue a Half-DEMERIT; I’d have let her slide if she wasn’t a higher being now.

Gwen: After Gwen’s fall last issue, she manages to avoid demerits this time out while partially making up for her lack of faith in Connor and Angel.

Illyria: She doesn’t earn a demerit, but it’s unfortunate that she allows herself to get distracted by Gunn’s distress and thereby leaving herself vulnerable in her Fred-persona.

Connor: He doesn’t do anything to earn my derision this issue.

Cordelia (Dragon): The flying reptile doesn’t last long enough to do anything dumb… well, maybe heroically dumb since she was so clearly outmatched but I admire that, not deride it.

I’m not issuing anything to Gunn for this issue, but man do I feel for him. Even though he is clearly the villain in this whole thing, you can’t help but realize he’s not sane and isn’t responsible for the evil that he does. Plus, he’s a vampire so trying to ascribe morality to him is dubious in any case.

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