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Best of / Worst of Character Moments - The Creature Walks Among Us

In this third and desperate attempt to continue making money off of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, scientists use the most asinine reasoning in existence to alter our fish-man into a lumbering, dull Frankenstein's Monster knock-off. And even that is really just a subplot of the domestic drama that this story is really focusing on.

In fact, I'd call this a soap opera that happens to include the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Such a pity, really.

Our characters whose actions we'll be taking a look at are:

Doctor Barton: A scientist with radical ideas about altering mankind in order to make survival in space a reality.

Marcia Barton: A vivacious woman stuck in an abusive marriage with a jealous, petty man.

Doctor Morgan: Geneticist recruited by Dr. Barton for the expedition. Tom is extremely skeptical of Barton's plans, but who could really resist the opportunity to study such a unique lifeform?

Doctor Borg: The doctor is an electronics expert and will handle the new, fancy radar. He's also in charge of monitoring the Creature's life signs during the upcoming experiments.

Doctor Johnson: The doctor is a biologist and expert in blood analysis.

Jed Grant: Jed is the working man aboard the yacht of elites. He's the general grunt assistant to Dr. Barton. He will also act to be as obnoxious as a human being can get, without being an actual criminal.

Our Characters Are Shining Examples:

William Barton - Doctor Barton does not do one thing the entire movie to earn a kudo.

Marcia Barton - Poor, long-suffering Marcia. I probably liked her more than any other character in the movie, almost assuredly due to Leigh Snowden's excellent performance. But does she earn a kudo? No, not really. I admire her for remaining true to her marriage vows despite having every reason to find romance with somebody other than her husband, but I'm not issuing kudos for that.

Thomas Morgan - Tom does earn a KUDO, in that he saved Marcia's life when she started suffering the euphoria that comes with nitrogen narcosis. He also saved the Creature [at least temporarily] from drowning, but it's Marcia for whom he receives his award.

Doctor Borg - He gets no first name, so let's call him "Maurice". So, Maurice does provide a lot of valuable support for the expedition but he doesn't receive any kudos.

Doctor Johnson - Also with no first name, we'll refer to him as "James". James Johnson is a complete tool. He doesn't get any kudos for his contributions.

Jed Grant - Jed is an awful man. But unlike Barton, he does have a few redeeming qualities. He both gives money to help support the family of a local fisherman who was gravely injured by the Gill-man and he manages to assist in keeping the scientists safe aboard their small boat when they try to capture it. I am going to issue him a KUDO for his quick response that saved the lives of Morgan, Barton, Johnson and Borg during the Creature's [albeit justified] attack on them.

Our Characters Are Awful People:

Dr. Barton - Oh my god, Doctor Barton. While there are so many, many problems with his character his DEMERIT comes from his jealously murdering of Jed Grant.

Mrs. Barton - Marcia really only annoys me when she takes potshots at wild sharks from her yacht which just disgusts me. I suppose this is probably an era-dissonance sort of thing. I'll not issue a demerit for it. I think for the most part, she's a victim fighting not to be of her husband and is the type of person I'd like to know. She receives no marks against her.

Doctor Morgan - Morgan's only crimes are what happens to the Creature. These aren't at his instigation, really, but he tends to follow along with Barton's insanity too long. What I want to issue a Half-DEMERIT for though, is his not warning Marcia about the disturbing conversation he had with Dr. Barton that ended with some extremely disturbing, if not bluntly spoken, references to violence against her from her husband. He should have made it a point to talk to Marcia about getting the fuck away from her husband, perhaps even offering a place of refuge or contacting the police with her. William's conversation with him was that disturbing!

Doctor Borg - I didn't find any reasons to issue Dr. Borg demerits. I'm just as bothered with his actions against the Creature as any of the others', but again he's more of an adjacent player trying to deal with the effects of things already done.

Doctor Johnson - Utterly worthless to this expedition. I want to issue him a demerit just for this, because it was so egregious. But, his lameness just doesn't rise to the level of getting a mark against him. I certainly wouldn't want him on my team, though.

Jed Grant - Ugh. Jed gets a DEMERIT for being a sexual harasser of the worst sort -- the type that won't GO AWAY even after his sexual target outright tells him to. He's the worst.

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