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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moment - Buffy.


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

In this addition of our character explorations of their finest moments and deepest failures, we're taking a look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Today's investigation is for Season 8's issue 11. As you'll remember, last issue we found out about Buffy sanctioning bank robbery as a mode of finance of the Slayer organization.

After that, you'll pardon me if I'm nervous about looking into her actions any further. Still - onward and upward and all that.

Our issue will look at: Buffy, Xander and Satsu - who I've decided to start including as a semi-major character.

Now, in this issue, there isn't much that actually happens since it's really focused on Buffy blaming herself for Simone's actions, confronting Satsu on her being in love with her, and then Twi-Twit beating the crap outta her. But we've managed to find kudo worthy behavior in less before, so let's take a look.

Our Heroes are Heroic!

Buffy: Buffy does a really good job of treating Satsu's being in love with her with grace, but that isn't really enough for a kudo.

Xander: Xan continues his job of not only keeping Slayer Central running smoothly, but of keeping morale up among the troops and dealing with Buffy's constant barrage of personal crises. For all of this, I'm issuing him a Half-KUDO.

Satsu: I like Satsu and I wish we'd see more of her in Season 9. She should be on Team Buffy in San Francisco. But though I've decided to start listing her as somebody to keep an eye on, in this issue she gets no kudo.

I'm going to issue a Half-Anti-Kudo to Twilight for his successfully forcing Buffy to question her moral certitude and recognizing that would be the way to really undermine her [which makes sense since we know who Twilight actually is, but we won't talk about that here as it's unrevealed yet].

Our Heroes are Un-Heroic!

Buffy: I'll not issue Buffy any demerits for this issue as those actions that have earned her them have already been issued in past issues. Her continued issues with inferiority rankles, but that doesn't earn a demerit.

Xander: In this issue we found out that Xander had already been aware of the jewel heist to fund operations and apparently doesn't object to this. DEMERIT

Satsu: Well, Satsu really has an embarrassing moment when she ends up face down in the mud. But, I'm not going to issue demerits for that, although I did consider a half for her uncoordination that was quite un-Slayer-like. But we all have our off moments.

Hmmm... not really much to consider this time out, was there.

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