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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Hey, all. Today's character exploration will be for The Creature From the Black Lagoon. We've got a passel of scientist heroes to explore today, so let's dive right in... [see what I did there]!

Our characters who we'll be taking a closer look at to see where they shined and where not are:

Dr. Carl Maia: He discovers the fossilized hand during a geologic expedition to the Amazon which is unlike anything he's seen before.

Dr. David Reed: David is our resident ichthyologist, whom Dr. Carl consults on his find... though how a fish expert is to help with a webbed, humanoid hand is your guess.

Kay Lawrence: I honestly can't recall if Kay has her doctorate or not or if it is mentioned. She's always just referred to by name, rather than title. What I do know is that she's a botanist, with expertise in water plants and is also David's fiance.

Dr. Mark Williams: Mark is the business partner in charge of the Institute where David and Kay carry out research. He's also one of those wonderful 1950's scientists in that he's got a Doctorate of Science Stuff in General which denotes no specific area study but has allowed him to make several unspecified discoveries of his own. He's also an ex of Kay's.

Captain Lucas: Provides our transport into the Amazon aboard the S.S. Rita. He's a gruff, and rough looking man but he's got a stout heart and is genuinely interested in our scientists' discoveries.

Our Heroes, as mentioned, SHINE:

Carl - Carl saves David's life and allows the successful rescue of Kay and earns a KUDO.

David - David gets the pro-active award KUDO for putting his life in direct danger twice to free the Rita from captivity, not to mention going after Kay after she gets nabbed. But really, I'd expect that last one as a default action. Going into the Lagoon with little between he and the Creature gets him his award.

Kay - Kay gets a KUDO for some quick thinking and action that saved the life of Whit Bissel scientist. The man definitely would've been a goner if Kay hadn't intervened.

Mark - Mark has David's back unexpectedly, even after their fisticuffs, when David goes overboard to free the Rita from the blockade of the Lagoon entrance. That earns him a Half-KUDO [after all, he SHOULD have].

Lucas - Lucas came after the nabbed Kay and the chasing David. He's just in time, with Carl, to save David's life and allow the successful rescue of Kay from the Creature and earns his KUDO.

I'm also issuing a KUDO for the self-sacrifice of Chico's brother, who saved Kay from the first attempt by the Creature to abduct her. Alas, I didn't note his name as he's a dayplayer.

Our Heroes are DUDS:

Dr. Maia - I don't have any demerits to issue to Carl Maia.

Dr. Reed - Well, Mark does seems to bring out the petty in David, but he doesn't react so badly that I'll issue demerits.

Ms. Lawrence - Oh, Kay. I'm so annoyed by women who screech when they're not in actual danger and irritated when they trip over their own feet at the worst possible times. But, I'll not issue a demerit for these things. I considered issuing a half-demerit for her casual throwing of a cigarette butt into the pristine waters of the Amazon but though that annoyed me too, it doesn't sink to the depths of gaining a black mark.

Dr. Williams - Mark is a really prickly character throughout the movie, and you could argue that the Creature may not have attacked the party if it hadn't been fired upon first by Mark's overeager spear gun trigger finger. But, I'm going to issue his DEMERIT for putting fame and fortune over the grievously injured colleague aboard the Rita when he starts arguing with David over cutting their losses and leaving the Lagoon to come back later. It's unconscionable that he's not on board with the plan to leave immediately with Whit Scientist lying there with a slashed up face.

Capt. Lucas NoLastName - Captain Lucas seems like the most level headed of the bunch on the Rita and he doesn't get any demerits issued against him.

Hey, not bad for our cast.

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