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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Angel, Season (7), Issue 12

So, when last we left off I was intending to do a movie review. Believe me, I'm trying. I'm still working it, slowly but "Monster on the Campus" is kinda ... mediocre? I mean it isn't a horrible movie, it's just kinda sitting there going through the motions and I'm into the long middle section where all of the characters are behind what the audience already knows and they're being slow on catching up. It's making it sloggy to have to stop at each scene to describe what is happening when it just isn't much, except dialog about things that are either only plot-adjacent or time fillers.

Let's take a break by turning attention to this posting instead. When last we left off with Angel, he was broken and dying on Gunn's floor and Gwen had just zapped Cordelia the Dragon.

Our characters who we'll be taking a closer look at this issue includes: Angel, Cordelia [maybe], Connor, Spike and Gwen.

Our Heroes: Swells Bells.

Angel: Angel really gets a large amount of suck in this issue, what with being mortally injured, watching his friends helpless and then as icing on the cake, to find out that Gunn was doomed from the very moment he joined up with Angel Investigation. But really, the candles on the icing on the cake is the confidential memo they force Wesley to deliver to Angel about his role in the apocalypse that makes him of such value to W & H in the first place... and it's really, really bad. Angel chooses another option: Choosing to stop fighting off dying. That earns him a KUDO from me.

Cordelia [maybe]: There are a few possible explanations given for Cordy's presence but the one I'm leaning toward is that this really is an ascended Cordelia who has temporarily found a way into the W & H construct around them. Since I'm interpreting her as not an illusion, I'm going to issue a Half-KUDO for her finding a way in when supposedly "good" can't get a foothold in Hell-Angeles.

Connor: Poor Connor. You have to feel for the way he's constantly getting used as a pawn in somebody else's game. But that doesn't earn you a kudo, kid.

Spike: Y'know Spike, if you were really interested in taking out Gwen for her betrayal you might've been able to do so if you weren't busy snarking at Connor and delivering long soliloqueys. You earn no kudo, here.

Gwen: Selfish. She has turned on everybody because Vampire!Gunn tells her he has a plan to turn back time and restore her ability to touch. She trusts a soulless vampire over the two vampires with souls, and betrays her wanna-be-lover at the same time. She gets no kudo.

However, I'm going to issue the betraying Gwen and Half-Anti KUDO for the smooth way she takes out Spike.

I'm also giving a collective Anti-KUDO to Wolf, Ram & Hart for really twisting the knife in Angel by showing him his destined role in leading the evil powers to victory, for manipulating Gunn and for setting up everything long years beforehand. For the PAIN!

Our Heroes: Hells Smells, People.

Angel: Angel really can't do much this episode with his being stuck as a spirit watching himself die on the floor. I'll not issue demerits for his sad-sack woe-is-me whining, because really... woe-is-totally-him.

Cordelia [maybe]: Powers-Cordy doesn't do anything that pisses me off, no demerit for her.

Connor: Connor doesn't do anything that I feel is demerit-worthy.

Spike: Yeah, read my complaint above. Getting caught flat-footed yapping is just embarrassing. Half-DEMERIT.

Gwen: Yeah, read above as well. She may have gotten a Half-Anti KUDO for that move against Spike, but she gets all the remaining DEMERITs on her.

Well, all the remaining after we give Illyria a Half-DEMERIT. I'm getting really tired of the ease with which she constantly attacks her supposed allies. This time it was Nina on the receiving end of one of her temper tantrums.

I also have to issue a DEMERIT to Wolf, Ram & Hart for sharing Angel's destined role in their victory with him. But wait, didn't I just issue an Anti-KUDO for same? Yes. They did receive a reward for their "for the PAIN" cruelty. However, it was also supremely stupid. Angel is dying on the floor -- did they really think that sharing this bit was going to make him fight to live and therefore be there to bring about their desired victory?? What was the intelligence behind that? There was none -- they're just arrogantly stupid.

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