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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Angel)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

Here we are again, gang-o’-mine. I’m quite happy with what I got done last week as the only review I’d planned on and didn’t get posted was the B-movie.

But now we’re back to the grind which means some short posting… like this one.

We’re here to take a look at our hero-characters’ behaviors in Angel: After the Fall, issue 11 in which the not-vampire!Angel has a confrontation with now-vampire!Gunn. You’d think this would lead to some sort of resolution of sorts so we can turn our attention back to the Wolf, Ram & Hart Hell-Angeles problem, but no. No, we won’t because we apparently have more than enough issues left to continue to streeeeeetch this arc out even more than it already has been. I’m kinda impressed, actually – I had bet money that we were stretching this story so tight already that it was going to snap, but the writers continued yanking it a bit more.

Our Characters for examination this time out include: Angel. Uh… yeah… just Angel. The others show up, but they mostly are just traveling while Angel/Gunn get pages of dialog so Angel can get caught up on Gunn’s being undead now [and this issue made me feel so damned bad for him; it’s obvious that he thinks he can still be the good guy]. There is still going to be a shocking special demerit before we’re done though.

Our Characters Will Rise In Our Estimation:

Angel: Angel, Angel, Angel. I don’t know what to do with you. I kinda feel like I should give you a half-kudo for trying so hard to talk Gunn down and then being willing to stake him when it was clear that wasn’t possible. BUT – there is that huge issue of you confronting Gunn on your own with no powers, in his stronghold with his minions with no powers, and that you have no powers. I think the deep dumb/death wish has to negate that don’t you? No kudos for you.

I’ve gotta give Gunn a special Anti-KUDO for being prepared so well for Angel, even though the actual confrontation’s timing was premature. Gunn goes into detail about his following Angel around and his knowing about all of the extra goodies Angel had been using from the W&H stockroom. And, he’s prepared for stripping all of the magic that Angel may be utilizing away… which is bad news since it also undoes all of the healing that Angel has been doing since he jumped off of the roof only to realize he’s fully human again. Let’s just say Angel is in piss poor shape, now.

Our Characters Deeply Disappoint:

Angel: Well, just read that kudo blurb above. It’s hard not to issue some sort of demerit on him for being a full-out idiot. I feel so bad for piling on after everything he goes though in this issue, but I have to issue a DEMERIT for clumsy stupidity.

Now, about that special DEMERIT. It goes to Gwen. She suddenly, albeit with tears, betrays Connor and Spike by lightning blasting Cordelia the Dragon out of the sky, stranding the ‘rescue team’ at Gunn Central! WHY, GWEN!?!

This issue makes me feel so badly for vamp!Gunn, for Angel and for Connor.

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