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Post X-Mas Update

So, the holiday visit by Tom's ex and the kids have come and gone. It was mostly good (I'm not a fan of children), but I'm exhausted!

With them out of the way, I'm free to begin posting the Spanderverse: Dracula fanfiction again. I've posted three chapters today:

Chapter 4 - A Castle in Sunnydale?

This chapter involves Dracula settling in and trying to explain what the hell a castle was doing in Sunnydale to begin with. We also get some background on his magic and there's a few light-hearted scenes with Buffy and Riley.

Chapter 5 - The Night Begins

Sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it? We have some domestic bliss for Riley/Buffy and some worsening tensions between Xander/Anya over his continued friendship with Spike. As you can tell from the 'Spanderverse' moniker, the Xan/Ahn ship will only be getting more strained as things progress. On the Dracula front, he moves into the castle-like bed and breakfast and murders two more men.

Chapter 6 - A Choice for Giles

This is a small chapter relating to Giles' decision to leave Sunnydale in the Buffy vs. Dracula episode. In the Spanderverse, he takes Willow into his confidence in this chapter.


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