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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy

Good Day, All:

Welcome back to another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” [seriously, I couldn’t have foreseen what a pain typing that all out every time was going to be??]. Our subject today is BTVS, Season 8, Issue 10 – “Anywhere But Here”.

This issue we’ll be taking a closer look into the actions of: Willow, Buffy, Dawn and Xander. Now this issue is all about secrets kept that are now exposed. And as we know, GOOD secrets are rarely kept so for very long. No, it’s the BAD secrets that we hold secreted – which means we’re probably going to be looking at some demerits for at least half of our cast. We’ll just have to see whether we can find some kudos to hand out or if they’re all just horrible people in this one….

Our Heroes – GIVE ‘EM A GOLD STAR!

Buffy: Well, it can’t make up for her demerit, but I’ll issue Buffy a Half-KUDO for having a plan going in that utilizes the Buffy-Willow combo team cleverly.

Willow: Obvs, Wills is also going to get a Half-KUDO for the same thing as Buffy. It also doesn’t make up for her demerit, alas.

Dawn: I cannot give Giantess!Dawn a kudo.

Xander: Xan is very cool with Dawn in this issue, but that doesn’t earn a kudo.

Our ‘heroes’ – GIVE ‘EM A DUNCE CAP!


Willow: Willow cheated on Kennedy. DEMERIT, but without the exclamation point.

Dawn: Well, goodness sakes. Dawn also must be on the receiving end of a DEMERIT for being a cheater.

Xander: Xander doesn’t give me any reason to issue a demerit… yay for somebody in this issue!

I’m also issuing a DEMERIT at Dawn’s boyfriend, Kenny. Okay, yes, Dawn did a crappy thing but it seems a bit of an overreaction to turn on the magic and hex her.

And there, we have it. And, “Oh, my fu-UGH! Buffy-Bank-Robber!”.

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