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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel

Welcome again to Angel’s season 6, where we are investigating issue by issue our characters actions and judging them on whether we find them to be heroic, or just losers.

This evening, we’re looking at Issue 10.

Before I list the characters I’m going to take a closer look at, I need to clarify something. This issue, like the last one, has just about all of Angel’s supporting characters hanging around in it. But unlike last issue, they’re not actually all doing something worth investigating. So, unlike with last issue, I won’t be listing everybody.

Those falling under my withering scrutiny will be: Angel, Illyria, Betta George and Connor.

While those who are known characters , but simply don’t do anything to be included in this posting are: Nina the Werewolf, Lorne, Groo, Spider & the Spikettes (sadly, not a rock band), Spike, Gwen and Cordelia the Dragon.

Now to be sure, just because some of our characters only get cameos doesn’t mean they won’t get a kudo or demerit as a specially issued. And just because some of our characters received more panel time doesn’t mean they actually did anything worth mentioning. It’s a thing. But the point is I’m only listing four characters as having a large enough role in the issue to list.

Alright, so….

Our Heroes – Praised!

Angel- While I appreciate Angel bringing everyone together and executing a plan, there isn’t actually enough in this issue to give a kudo for.

Illyria- Illyria is her usual bad-ass self, at least against vampires. But her real contribution and the reason I’m issuing her a Half-KUDO is she’s able to locate the Tower of Power that Angel needs to find.

Betta- George gets no kudos from me this time out.

Connor- Connor also will go without kudo.

I’m going to issue Lorne a Half-KUDO as well for performing as Mayor in the wake of the Demon Lords’ defeat. He focuses on trying to return life to as close an approximation of normalcy as he can manage with regular patrols, restoring lights and water, etc. It’s pretty impressive considering their current circumstances.

I’m also going to have to issue an Anti-KUDO to Vampire!Gunn for the mastery with which he manipulated George into actively helping him in his cruel murder of the Slayers. It certainly stripped George of any moral high ground he’d had up until this issue.

Our Heroes – Insulted!

Angel: Angel’s keeping his condition secreted from his own son really bugs me. Mostly, because he’s risking his health and safety by hiding that he doesn’t have his supernatural powers and without anyone knowing, nobody can watch his back adequately. I can accept him not wanting it to be general knowledge, but the fact he’s not telling ANYONE when it could make all the difference in the world to keeping him able-bodied – and hiding it from his own son after everything else they’ve gone through just struck me as wrong. I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT.

Illyria: Illyria’s blurting out Angel’s not a vampire any longer also bugged me. I get that she’s… y’know… her and all, but still this seemed like something she would’ve recognized Angel wanting to keep quiet. The fact she is exposing this all-important secret in a bad guy’s lair just adds to the dumb. Half-DEMERIT.

Betta: I’m a bit torn on Betta George in this issue. I don’t like the way he helps Gunn, including his helping to get two captive Slayers killed but on the other hand it was also clear that the girls weren’t going to stop attacking him until he was dead himself if he did nothing.

On the first hand though, he had the chance to inform them that they should kill Gunn immediately and then release his mental hold on them. On the other hand again though, the girls were pretty much already defeated and so it was probably a wasted effort. But then there is that thing where he holds a Slayer frozen after she’s been stabbed through the chest by Gunn and is suffering which is supremely cruel. But then, we’re back to … uh… some hand or another in that Gunn was very threatening to him about the consequences if he didn’t comply and he was already tapped out and running on fumes – he had no way to fight back anymore.

George is just stuck in ugly, dark gray throughout this issue for me. So while I feel like there is a demerit in there – I just can’t bring myself to issue it. I gotta let him slide, even though I don’t like it.

Connor: I’m issuing Connor a Half-DEMERIT for abandoning Angel in the middle of a mission. His being pissed off at Angel’s revelation, while he’s still putting himself front in center at every battle is totally understandable and I’m on his side in that. But – that doesn’t mean he should just ditch at that moment… it came across as spoiled brat-behavior.

I’m also issue a special DEMERIT to the two anonymous Slayers. They were worthless fighters, failing to even knock George unconscious despite his weakened condition and with two of them ganging up on him.

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