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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Buffy)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments – Buffy.

Since we just took a look at Angel (S6) issue 9, let’s turn our attention now to BTVS (S8) issue 9. This is the final chapter of “No Future For You”, which is awesomely Faith-focused and gives us a little of the Faith/Giles team-up that I’ve longed to see much, much more of (no I’m not bitter… much… that we didn’t get to spend more time exploring the Faith/Rupert dynamic).

Our character moments to explore this time out belong to: Faith, Giles, and Buffy.

While Willow and Xander are also cameo-ing, they don’t do anything worth exploring their characters for and unlike in Angel’s where I included everyone since they were at the battle site, I’ll not include these two here.

Our Heroes Are Fab!

Faith: Faith vs. Genevieve is glorious and the egomaniac gets owned. Faith gets KUDOS for the overwhelming takedown.

Giles: Rupert also gets a KUDO for his takedown of Roden, which he does in a clever – if nasty – way. I’m a little on the shelf about our favorite Watcher using lethal methods so easily, for sure, but in this case I’m making myself okay with it.

Buffy: Y’know, Buffy…. *sigh* I can’t give any kudo to Buffy this issue.

Even though I didn’t list Willow because of her cameo status, I do want to give her a KUDO for remote anti-magicking Roden’s impenetrable shield. {Yes, even though I’d like to demerit the writers for pushing Wills toward god-mode Sue with her magic doing anything the plot needs her to, which is supremely irritating to me.}

Our Heroes Are Jerks!

Faith: Well, obvs flashback!Faith will be getting plenty of demerits but I don’t think this is the place to issue them. For present Faith? She gets no demerit.

Giles: Like I say, I’m really uncomfortable with the lethal-force Giles but I’m not issuing any demerits this time out. Especially when it comes to his defeat of Roden, because I think it was fully justified.

Buffy: *sigh*, Buffy…. She is full on self-centered in this issue toward Giles’ mission with Faith and her complaining about how Faith tried to stuff her down a pool drain conveniently ignoring her own role in starting yet another fisticuffs confrontation with her shadow-twin. She gets a DEMERIT for… well… just being SO… selfish and demanding when speaking to Giles.

I’ve gotta issue an Anti-KUDO to Roden for some really kick-ass magic. Sure, Giles defeated him but only with some good fortune and shortsightedness by Roden himself.

I thought about issuing another half-demerit to Gigi for continuing to be her, but that seemed like overkill. Plus, it’s kinda sad how totally wrapped up in Roden she was that she never suspected just how used she was allowing herself to be. I may have even felt a little sorry for her in the end, if it wasn’t for how obnoxious and murderous she was… and the heavy-handed Faith/Wilkins – Genevieve/Roden parallels the writers were hitting us in the face with so we’d be sure to get it. I just didn’t buy the parallel they were pressing.

I'm also issuing a Half-Anti-KUDO to Twilight for setting up Roden and Genevieve so completely, while also damaging Team Slayer in the long run. I'm not sure the manipulation was really necessary to his long term goals, which seems to be to drive magic out of the world, but removing somebody as obviously powerful as Roden has to be considered a good move.

But seriously, how could we not have gotten so much more of Giles & Faith against the world??

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