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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Angel)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

Angel: After the Fall (S6, I9)

Welcome again to another edition of Angel’s characters review. Today’s issue returns us to the big battle between Angel and the other Lords of Hell-Angeles that was so rudely interrupted for the “First Night” vignettes.

Our featured heroes today will include: Angel, Spike, the Groosalugg, Connor, Cordelia the Dragon, Illyria, Gwen and Lorne.

As you might imagine with this number of folks in 22 pages (not to mention some significant page space for Spike’s Warrior Amazon Troop) there is very limited exposure for most of these. Truly, I probably could’ve named half of them as cameos only, but what the hell *shrugs*….

Our Heroes Are Powerful:

Angel: You’ve got to give a KUDO to Angel for beating a group of self-styled Demon Lords as a vulnerable mortal using his brain, rather than his brawn. And I do.

Spike: I’m giving a Half-KUDO to Spike for owning the She-Skip. She definitely wasn’t left looking all that tough.

Groo: Groo gets a Half-KUDO for a timely save of “Fred”… Illyria’s more vulnerable and addled form.

Connor: All of Connor’s scenes have to do with confronting Angel when he thinks his dad is trying to perform some redemptive self-sacrifice crapola, and ergo there isn’t a kudo to be had.

Cordelia, not Cordy: The dragon is one of those who get a few cameo panels and doesn’t do anything kudo worthy in them.

Illyria: Illyria spends half of the issue as damsel-in-distress and the other half in a heart to heart with Wesley. She has no kudo worthy scenes.

Gwen: Gwen is a cameo in a few panels and while she does pull out the lightning, we don’t get to see exactly what she did with it… no kudo for her.

Lorne: I’m going to give Lorne a Half-KUDO for stepping up to take responsibility for the human slaves of the demon lords after their defeat. He steps up in the way he did in Silver Lake to try to save as many as possible going forward.

I’m also going to issue a Half-KUDO to Maria/Spider and the Amazon Squad who made it their mission to protect the human sheep when the orders for the culling came. Since they weren’t going to bother showing at all, they did more than they necessarily needed to.

Our Heroes Are Dolts:

Angel: Angel does punch out a fire guy, which seems incredibly stupid but with the heat of battle (see what I did there… heh-heh… oh c’mon, you know you want to at least smile a little), I can forgive it. No demerits to our windmill-tilter.

Spike: Spike also manages to get through the issue without a demerit.

Groo: Groo’s really a glorified cameo and doesn’t embarrass himself – no demerit.

Connor: It’d be nice if we saw Connor actually acting like he’s the Destroyer but I have to blame that lack fully on the writers in this case [read my review, I'm full of criticism of the creative team on this issue]: He gets no demerit.

Dragon-Cordelia: Dragon doesn’t do anything in her cameo to disappoint.

Illyria: Illyria. I know that she’s confused what with Fred’s personality popping up and all, but even Fred would’ve known not to rush headlong into the obviously hostile demons surrounding her. She acts like a frickin’ idiot and she gets a DEMERIT.

Gwen: Gwen doesn’t do anything ridiculous in her cameo. No demerit.

Lorne: I’m not disappointed in Lorne, so no demerit is issued.

I’m also going to issue a Half-DEMERIT to Gunn for his extreme lack of leadership skills. You don’t exactly inspire loyalty by killing off your own inherited minions every time they express an off-hand opinion on their observations.

And that’s how things shaped up, as we returned to our actual plot… which will now drag on and on and on….

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