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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Angel)

Good Day Everyone.

While we wait for me to wrap up the X-Files' episode review, let's take this moment for another edition of the Angel "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" series.

Today, we're going to take a look at Issue 8 of Season 6, "First Night" part 3. Our characters of interest this time out will include: Betta George, Gwen, "End Is Near" Guy, and Movie Woman.

Alas, if I thought that the other "First Night" vignettes had slim pickings to cover, I knew nothing. *SIGH* Well, let's see what we can see....

Our Characters - What Gems!

Betta George: Other than continue to foolishly antagonize the vampire guard who is free with his fists, George has nothing to do. He gets no kudo.

Gwen: Poor, poor Gwen. I know she's a thief and all, but she really got the sucky end of the suck with the sucking world-into-hell thing going on. But sympathy does not a kudo make. Still, sorry Gwen.

"The End" Dude: Shmuck. No kudo.

"Movie Woman": She was nice in trying to help out "The End" Dude, even though he kept calling her stupid and was... probably... very unbalanced. She deserves a Half-Kudo for trying.

I want to issue a special KUDO to Vampire!Gunn for offing his sire. As we know from BTVS, that's a serious business and Gunn doesn't even hesitate to get rid of him. It's unfortunate that this doesn't make him a good guy.

Our Characters - What Fakes!

Betta George: George doesn't get any demerits.

Gwen: Oh, poor Gwen. No demerits for her "accident", no matter how horrible it was.

"The End" Dude: I don't think I can issue any demerit, since even though he's a jerk-ass, it's probably because he's either A) mentally unstable, B) a PTB conduit who doesn't realize what he actually is (a prophet), or C) both.

"Movie Woman": I'm also not issuing any demerits at her. Though running off into the city was probably the way to a quick and brutal death, it's also understandable in the first few minutes of her very first apocalypse.

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