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Added to YouTube Faves: Dean vs. Evil Buffy

An excellently done video for a Supernatural / BTVS crossover in which Buffy is captured and chained away. An evil doppelganger takes her place, but her friend Dean starts to suspect that something isn't right. It doesn't take long for Sam to tell him outright that something is majorly wrong with Buffy after she comes on to him, despite her relationship with Dean.

What neither of them realize is that Fake!Buffy has been busy killing off the Scooby Gang (she gets four of them) because they may be able to figure out the ruse. What she doesn't know, is that Dean and Sam already have.

Definitely a dark fic... but it's very well done and has been the first video in quite a while that I actually favorited: TONIGHT

You can check out the full YouTube Roundup HERE.

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