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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Angel)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, After The Fall (season six) Issue 7

This posting we'll be taking a look at the second part of the "First Night" mini-arc. Our vignettes in this issue gives us the characters: Betta George, Connor, and Kate.

A large section is reserved for Wesley, but as explained last time out, since he's technically working for W & H, I'm not counting him as one of our heroes as long as he's required to work on their behalf (which won't stop him from earning special kudos, should he deserve them).

Our Characters - They're Neat!

Betta George- Okay, so Betta George. At the end of last issue, we saw that George was being kept tied down to a bed, immobile as he taunted his vampire guard. Now suddenly on page 01 of this issue, he's free and levitating around while taunting his guard and trying to slip away. That infers that he somehow tricked or broke his bonds between issues. For that trick, I'll issue a Half-KUDO.

Connor- Angel's son does not deserve any kudos.

Kate- Kate is pretty bad ass in this issue. I'm going to give her a KUDO for the rescue of Connor when he's dangling by the scruff of his collar in the bad guy army's grasp.

I'm issuing a special KUDO to Wesley for his recognizing W & H's Fred-deception nearly immediately and not being taken in by their illusion.

Our Characters - They're Sucky!

Betta George- It really feels like George could've escaped if he'd spent less time snarking at his captor, rather than fleeing. On the other hand, we don't know the range of his powers, how effective they are against a vampire [who is supposed to be immune from telepathy] or how fast he can 'float'. I'm still going to issue him a Half-DEMERIT though for clumsy cockiness.

Connor- Connor is just the worst in this issue. I'm presuming that it isn't just poor writing, but that he was supposed to be thrown off balance by all of the erased memories of his past rushing back in on him. Whatevs... he's still useless in a crisis: DEMERIT

Kate- I've not any demerit to issue to Kate.

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