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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (BTVS)

Good Day!

Time again for the seemingly popular series "Best Of / Worst Of Character moments". This time out, we're once again taking a look at BTVS. This will be for Season 8, Issue 7: No Future For You, Part II.

Our main players that we'll be looking at are: Faith, Rupert, Dawn and Willow.

We have one tiny caveat in this one; I'm not including Faith/Buffy's flashback scene as any best/worst will be covered in Season Three's "Graduation Day".

Our Characters, We Want To Be You!

Faith- I'm going to issue a Half-KUDO to Faith for her handling of the Gargoyle guards/assassins sent after her. The moves were pretty sweet, but I can't go full kudo because... well... she is a Slayer, after all.

Rupert- No kudos for Rupert this time out, since he had but a short scene.

Dawnie- Dawn's scene was also short and sweet. No kudos earned.

Willow- Will's scene with Dawn was all about her trying to coax Dawn's story about Kenny from her. She also prepared some defenses behind the scenes, but there wasn't anything to kudo.

I'm going to issue Rodon a Half-Anti-KUDO for easily picking out Faith in a crowded line as somebody who isn't fitting in correctly, though he didn't know exactly why.

Our Characters, "No, we don't!"

Faith- I'm not sure what to do about Faith, actually. Her mission is something I don't approve of - but that was a demerit for last issue. Here, she's shaky and unsure of herself which might... stress 'might'... be worth a half-demerit, but on the other hand wouldn't I be much more rough on her if she'd just coldly stabbed Gigi without knowing anything about her? I think, having typed all the above out, it's pretty much a wash for her -- no demerit.

Rupert- Again, his entire mission planning for this assassination is something I'm not fond of. But, also again, that would be a demerit for last issue. Here? No demerit.

Dawn- We still don't find out why Dawn was hexed by Kenny and there isn't any current behavior deserving demerits.

Willow- Our witch also doesn't do anything that earns her demerits.

I am going to issue a special-Half-DEMERIT to Genevieve for being just beyond the rude. [Which the writers overdid and turned her into a caricature of a spoiled, rich girl.] Specifically, her yelling at her birthday guests to just give her the "inane birthday cards and be on your way" was horrible.

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