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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (BTVS, S8, Issue 6)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS

Welcome to another edition of the BTVS, S8 ‘Best Of / Worst Of’ series. In this issue, we’ll be dealing with number 6, the start of the awesome Faith-centric arc “No Future For You”.

Our main players to be analyzed and judged with cold, calculating glares of general disapproval are: Faith, Robin, Giles, Xander and Buffy.

Our Heroes Are!!

Faith! Faith’s coolest moment is actually a pretty awful one, too. But her staking all of the little, vampire brats before they could maul her was pretty neat. I can only give her a Half-KUDO, though – she is a Slayer after all.

Robin: Robin Wood only gets a cameo, really. But he’s leading a Slayer team and covering the Cleveland Hellmouth - that deserves some recognition: I’ll give him a Half-KUDO, as well.

Rupert Giles: Giles doesn’t get any kudos in this issue.

Xander: Harris is only sharing dialog with Buffy about some Twit-Light hint her dreams are giving her, so he gets none of the kudo action this issue.

Buffy: Buffy also doesn’t get into anything kudo worthy this time out.

Our Heroes Aren’t!!

Faith Lehane: I don’t know; It feels like Faith is being kinda hard on Robin for nothing, as he’s trying to be pleasant, but there are no demerits in that. What I’m more concerned about is her agreeing to take on Giles’ request to kill a fellow Slayer before she even asks for details. But, what I think the low point was – and deserves a DEMERIT was her lack of control when Giles innocently laid a hand on her arm. She stabbed him with a fork!

Robin: I’m not issuing a demerit at Robin for anything in this issue.

Giles: Hmm. I have some major issues with Rupert coming to Faith to ask her to slay a Slayer, whoever she is and whatever she may be up to. It just feels way too much like “Old Council”. And, I don’t like his referring to himself as The Council… that sounds like the sort of arrogance that leads to slides down slippery slopes. I’m issuing a DEMERIT for jumping to the conclusion that Faith should murder a fellow Slayer on the word of some mystics without even knowing the full story or looking for an alternative [like finding and actually speaking to said Slayer].

Xander: Xan looks a little silly, bragging about his fighting prowess to a punching bag, but no demerits are issued.

Buffy: Buffy doesn’t get any demerits flying her way in this issue.

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