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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments (Angel, S6, Issue 6)

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

Hey, gang. It’s time for another issue of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments with our friends in Angel: After The Fall (or Angel, S6 – if you will).

Alas for all of us, I’ve a feeling this will be a dull one. Y’see this is issue 6 which interrupted the main storyline in order to jump back in time to “First Night”, in which we see our characters’ transition into Hell-Angeles by W & H.

Not only was it annoying to interrupt us learning about what Gunn the Vampire was planning, and how the big battle against the local Hell Lords was going to go, but these issues each only devote a few pages to a focus character. It’s a multi-chapter series of vignettes, in which there is very little time for anything to happen.

Issue 6 will include: Betta George, Spike, Illyria, Connor and Lorne.

Our Characters – YAY!!

Betta George: George is certainly brave, in a foolhardy way, by continuing to sarcasm at his vampire guard but is that worthy of a kudo? I have to say no, because it doesn’t seem to have much of a point except to be a smart ass.

Spike: Spike does the usual ‘hero jumps in to save the day’ thing, but I consider that a part of the job description, so no kudo for that in and of itself.

Illyria: Same thing with Illyria – she clobbers some demons, but that isn’t enough by itself to earn a kudo.

Connor: Hmmm. Connor’s tale involves his remembering everything that he’d forgotten because of Angel’s deal with W & H regarding altering everyone’s memories of his son to protect him. He could’ve easily let it all paralyze him – in fact you’d expect that all of those bad memories flooding in would’ve knocked him into a catatonic state. I think I’ll give him a Half-KUDO for not breaking.

Lorne: I believe that Lorne deserves a full KUDO for organizing the resistance in Silver Lake, allowing the humans there to form a haven in Hell.

I’m also issuing a special KUDO to the Silver Lake Sorceress who’s especially awesome in being able to create and maintain a barrier that keeps Hell out of their neighborhood. That’s Willow-level magical awesome.

Our Characters – BOO!

Betta George: I’ve got nothing against the fish… though I do question his wisdom in antagonizing his guard, I won’t issue a demerit for it.

Spike: Spike does seem like he’ll disappoint by not helping people in trouble, having felt like he’d done his share, but then he steps up. I also have to question him about his silly “taking the elevator” during an apocalypse – that seemed pretty unwise – but it’s not demerit-worthy.

Illyria: Illyria is knocked for a loop into impersonating Fred which can leave her pretty vulnerable, but that isn’t really her fault and it doesn’t deserve a demerit.

Connor: Connor doesn’t have any demerits against him this issue, but we’ll have to see how he handles his predicament. He sure isn’t showing off any of his “Destroyer” reputation in this issue.

Lorne: I’ll admit that I had some bitter feelings about Lorne skipping out on the big battle as he dealt with his own emotional issues in regards to his actions against Lindsey. And his hiding behind Silver Lake’s sorceress while his friends are out in Hell doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies about him. But, I don’t think it’s demerit worthy, primarily because everyone has been separated and dumped in different places around L.A. It would just seem foolish if he went flailing around on the off chance he ran into somebody he knew. And his demerit for dumping Team Angel belongs in “Not Fade Away”, not here. [And yes, you can probably consider that a future!spoiler for this series unless my rewatch of Angel later leads me to different feelings about the matter.]

Hm. I actually gave more kudos than I expected. Yay!

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