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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel S6, Issue 5

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Angel, Season 6, Issue 5

So, we’re going back to the “After the Fall” series from IDW again to check out Angel and his allies to find out where they were awesome and where I can find and point out all of their faults. Character-wise, not writing-wise because I found a lot of fault throughout the Hell-Angeles arc in the latter way.

Our Characters that make a splash this issue are: Lorne, Angel, Cordelia the Dragon, Illyria, Spike, Gwen, Connor, Nina, & Groo. Wow, that’s a lot.

Our Characters Get Rewarded:

Lorne- It’s through Lorne that Angel gets the help he needs after his most unwise decision to go up against the Lords Of Los Angeles all on his own. But, is it enough for a kudo? Not really.

Angel- As mentioned above, Angel is an idiot. No kudo, but the flaming sword vs. the flaming demon guy was pretty neat.

Cordelia- The dragon does get to bite on the demonic T-Rex, but awesome enough for a kudo? Again, no.

Illyria- I’m afraid I can’t issue a kudo to Illyria, either… or Fred’s echo for that matter. It was neat when she punched her way out of the Gelatinous Demon, though.

Spike- Spike got in some good moves against the demonic shadow guy, and owns him several times. I think I can issue him a Half-KUDO.

Gwen- Gwen does get a lot of the action in this one. And, I’m able to issue her a KUDO: She gets hers for lighting up the whole block with her lightning powers, saving Angel from certain death at the last minute.

Connor- Connor leaps in to do his share, but there isn’t anything impressive enough for a kudo.

Nina- Like with the rest, she jumps in… but, like with so many others – nothing is kudo-worthy.

Groo- I like Groo’s moves against the She-Skip and I issue him a Half-KUDO.

I want to issue a special KUDO to Wes for continuing to be resistant of W & H, even under torture.

I’ve also decided to issue a Half-KUDO to Gunn. He was going to save a man who’d been dropped from a fatal height, before Angel intervened instead. Now, we’ve seen what happened before when he “rescued” somebody, so it may not have ended up kudo-worthy after all. We won’t know now, so the reward stands.

Our Characters Are Lame:

Lorne: Lorne’s entire low-profile, make deals with the Lords, way of getting by kinda sucks of him. But can I issue a demerit for it, what with the desperate circumstances? Yeah, actually I can be that judgey - but, in this case, since he changed his tune I’ll let him slide.

Angel: Oh, Angel. As mentioned, he’s being an obvious idiot with this grand gesture that he has no way of actually winning – except for the last minute arrival of his friends. I give a Half-DEMERIT for his plans not seeming to have any real thought behind them.

Cordelia the Dragon: Wow. She’s awfully easily captured, isn’t she? That was lame. DEMERIT

Illyria: I have no problems with Illyria, even when she turns into Fred at the worst possible time. It’s not her fault that she’s so messed up in Hell. No demerit issued.

Spike: I have no demerit to issue against Spike. He’s reluctant to get involved in Angel’s mess, of course, but it’s not like he’s doing nothing ala Lorne. He is still providing an underground network for humans to stay out of the demons’ grasps. And, he changes his mind, too.

Gwen: The Electro-Girl is pretty much an ass-kicker through the issue. She gets no demerit.

Connor: Angel’s son has the same issue as everyone at the beginning of the issue – An intention not to help Angel. But like Spike, he has his own rescues going on and he does come through in the end anyway. No demerit for “the Destroyer”.

Nina: I wanted to give Nina a reward during the fighting, but I couldn’t. Unfortunately, I can issue her a Half-DEMERIT for idiocy. With other demons all around, why did she think her fingernail-claws were going to be helpful against the T-REX?? Did common sense just vanish during the transition to Hell?

Groo: Groo doesn’t disappoint, and as stated, he kicks some good ass. No demerit.

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