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Best Of / Worst Of BTVS Characters, Issue 5, Season 8

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Issue 5, Season 8, “The Chain”.

Hi, gang. Before we dive into our current issue, the next review is to be SPN’s “Bugs” for those of you who are Winchester fans. I wish I could say I was excited to be tackling that episode… but, uh, no. Still, it’s next up so that’s what we’re doing.

Now, for our current issue – this is a standalone featuring one of Buffy’s decoys… the one who is “underground”. It turns out that wasn’t slang; she actually is in the under-surface world. The thing about this issue is that our regular players get cameos at most so even though I’m going to list more than one person to investigate – really this is our decoy’s show. I didn’t include Giles because his cameo really is just a cameo.

We’ll include: Buffy’s Decoy, Rona, Faerie Girl, Slime Guy

Our Characters Shine:

Decoy Buffy: You only need to have read a few of my reviews to get the sense that I have a special yen for self-sacrifice. Decoy Buffy gets the huge KUDO for sacrificing herself for non-human lives, and doing it without revealing her real identity. She’ll be remembered as Buffy Summers by the lives she helped below ground, rather than herself. If I could give more than one per issue, I’d give her a special kudo for that, too.

Rona: Rona’s the head of the Chicago Slayers, but she acts as more of an administrator in this issue. No kudos for her.

Faerie Girl: The Ravenclan, inspired by ‘Buffy’ stays to fight the demonic horde coming for them from below. It would’ve been easier to flee in a ‘every man for himself’ way and leave Decoy Buffy to fight on her own. I give a Half-KUDO to the faeries.

Slime Guy: Likewise, the Slimefolk could’ve headed out or crawled into deeper holes and left Decoy Buffy on her own. They didn’t. I give the Slimefolk a Half-KUDO, as well.

Our Characters Are Dullards:

Decoy Buffy: Decoy Buffy’s opening gambit with the under-folk struck me as sounding a bit hostile and inpatient with them, but since it actually worked – I guess she was in the right. I issue no demerit.

Rona: Rona doesn’t do anything that earns my scorn. No demerit.

Faerie Girl: Okay, the laying eggs in Decoy Buffy’s ear is gross. But is it enough? Hmmm, I guess she really could’ve asked first, but on the other hand we have to assume going in that this is a faerie custom and surely a sign of respect in some way, since it is obvious that Faerie Girl loves Decoy Buffy dearly. I will issue no demerit.

Slime Guy: It is made clear that Slime Guy killed a trapped person at some point in the past in order to make a necklace out of his skull and spine. Again though, custom… and non-human mores. But, still….

I think I must issue at least a Half-DEMERIT for this aggression.

We also have to issue an Anti-KUDO, dammit, to Yamanh of Hoht for killing a Slayer, even though it isn’t the Buffy that he thinks he killed.


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