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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - Angel

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments – Angel

Hey gang – another post!

We’re here now to speak of Angel: After the Fall, issue #4 and see how our main characters stack up. Our issue today will involve: Angel, Spike and Lorne. I was going to include Groo and Cordelia the Dragon as well, but they’re basically cameos and so don’t do anything.

Our Heroes Get KUDO’d:

Angel- Angel gets a KUDO for being bold and brave in treating
W & H and the demons the exact same way as when he was still a vampire. It’s kinda dumb, but it’s brass-balls kinda dumb so I reward.

Spike- Actually, Spike doesn’t earn any kudo this issue.

Lorne- Lorne is the one who is recruiting Angel some help on the sly, including finding Groosalugg for some much needed backup. He gets a half-KUDO for the under the radar work.

AND – I can give a genuine kudo to a villain, rather than the usual Anti-Kudo. Okay, “villain” is a bit too harsh, considering we’re talking about Wesley but technically he is working under Wolfram & Hart now. But to his KUDO: He continues to do everything he can to help Angel around his bosses, despite their threats to him.

Our Heroes Get DEMERITed:

Angel – Well, despite the fact that I admire his brass ones, I don’t think he’s truly fighting back in a very smart way. It’s only the fact that his name is on the title that keeps him alive. I have to give him at least a Half-Demerit for blundering around.

Spike- He doesn’t do anything worthy of demerits.

Lorne- I could be pissy about Lorne not being much more active in the fighting evil department, but I’m not going to issue a demerit over it.

I’m also going to issue a special Anti-Kudo to our vampire, Gunn. I debated whether to just give him a straight up kudo, like with Wes, but Gunn’s case is different. One, he isn’t Gunn but the vampire version of him so he’s still a bad guy and Two, I can’t tell if he’s lashing out at W & H, Angel or both. Nevertheless, he deserves recognition, so I’m gonna give him the ANTI-KUDO for blowing the hell out of the Wolfram & Hart L.A. office building. It was glorious.

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