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Best Of / Worst Of: BTVS, Issue 3 for S 8

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Issue 3

So, as mentioned at the end of my last posted review, under the “Up Next” section – somehow I skipped over this issue during my posting of “The Long Way Home” issues’ character moments. It’s really surprising to me, because I know that I’ve been wanting to hand out a special KUDO to somebody for this issue. I can only think that I thought I’d already done it, or I did do it but then didn’t tag it and so now it’s lost somewhere in LJ-land.

But, anyway: Our main players will be all names you recognize – Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Giles and Andrew – so let’s just dive on in.

Our Heroes – Give ‘Em Claps:

Buffy: I don’t think I can pass along a kudo to Buffy for this issue.

Xander: I’m still giving Xan and Half-KUDO for his managing the Slayer team in Scotland. He’s so very manly.

Willow: Willow gets a general KUDO for learning a thing or two about magic and how to be creative with it, instead of just blasting everyone. I particularly liked when she let Amy’s “bugs of evil” crawl all over her specifically to figure out her foe’s magic, so she could counter the zombie threat below her.

Dawn: Yay, Dawn! She gets a Half-KUDO for putting her giant foot forward… right on top of Amy.

Giles: Well, I do like Giles’ cool in dealing with the demon but I don’t think I can give a kudo for that.

Andrew: No kudos for Andrew out of this one.

And that special KUDO… It goes to Ethan Rayne, of all people! Despite his dire situation, he uses his magic to warn Buffy about who she’s facing off against and it costs him his life.

Our Heroes – Give ‘Em Slaps:

Buffy: I don’t find anything out of Buffy deserving of a demerit.

Xander: I’ve got to give Xan a half-DEMERIT for being lackadaisical about mystic security on Amy just because Willow showed up. The mystic squad should’ve already been on stand-by as long as Amy was a prisoner.

Willow: If I’m giving Xan a half-demerit for not staying alert to Amy’s potential threats, I gotta give Willow a full on DEMERIT for not taking better precautions before scanning her. She walked right into that trap, because she was so sure of herself; It was unwise – especially since she already knows that Amy can be devious.

Dawn: I’ll not be issuing a demerit to Dawn.

Giles: Nothing to raise the ire in regards to Rupert.

Andrew: Andy’s cameo doesn’t have him doing anything objectionable… well, the strip poker with his subordinates seems shaky at best, but I’ll not issue a demerit since he isn’t acting skeevy.

Once again, though, I have to issue Amy Madison an Anti-KUDO (which is a villainous kudo) for trapping Willow so easily. She’s on a roll.

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