harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Is This Still A Thing, Here?

No, really I'd like to know if my sexuality has any bearing on your subscribing/browsing.

Other than some Muslim nations and Africa, it feels like 'coming out' among celebrities shouldn't be a thing anymore.

Seriously, how many of you read me because I'm gay and you're hoping to prove your tolerance/that you're pro-gay versus that I happen to have interests that coincide with yours outside of my [lack of] sex life?

I feel like this shouldn't still be making news other than a throwaway comment in an article about something more. Like trying to get butts into a movie seat.

Why can't everyone just get over this already?

And, please understand that I'm not slighting anyone. It is a big deal to admit to family/close friends where you are. But it feels like celebrities are being given an special, "Well... if it's you" at this point.

Tags: gay, news, opinion

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