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Random Love: Olivia Newton John & Stochard Channing. [Um, & 70's nostalgia]

WAIT! Was it really that far back!?!  Criminy.

I can't add this to my YouTube Favorites, but since it involves Steve Austin, Wonder Woman and Olivia... I can slip it into a "Random" category. And, since I happen to LOVE O.N.J. as a singer... well....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgURuX7FV1o       {Very humorous}

Yes. Sometimes blatant 'stars-of-the-moment' specials are tacky and a time-capsule. And... fine... this sort-a-is (Please... sometimes...? Sorta? But, it actually opens fanfic possibilities in a reality that is not exactly our own).

Since this won't fit into spanderverse, I must decline. But I certainly & totally support a Bionic/WonderWoman reality, and if you've got a fan fic where this works... I'm all eyes to review ... and I'm sure you know where to reply [below... duh], so I can immediately check it out.

Alas, my favorited Olivia song, "Magic" on youtube only involves very obvious lip-sync; I can't favorite. But I do want you to hear the song, in case you're too young to have caught it on radio... so... HERE IT IS.

I also like, from the GREASE movie soundtrack: 'Hopelessly Devoted to You"

And, from Grease, since it won't fit anywhere else... I also love Stochard Channing. I'm not sure why, since this will NEVER apply to me... but her acting here really always captured me, [I think it comes down to her acting out her regret and not-wanting-to-burden, and I'm sorry that I haven't seen her in more High-Profile roles on TV, than The West Wing]. There is something in her performance in GREASE that makes me wonder... what has she seen in her parents that might have told her that marriage isn't something to see through?

[Yes, okay... maybe I identify with her because I always believe in dealing with some problem head on... and it made my ex tell me that 'You're like... you don't feel anything!'... which is untrue. I felt just fine. I've just learned that first you deal with the issue... and then you fall apart, after the 'threat' is gone. I don't feel like this is a mistake. I feel like it is practical in a very real-world, helpful sense. You deal..., then you emotionally react. He could never, apparently, understand the value in that.]

I love this couple.

Oh, and since I've posted again --  If any of you have a "recommend", don't assume I've seen it. It's not like I've seen every, single video on Y-Tube. My comments await any recommends, always, that match my 'YouTube Favorites' category.
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