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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:
Angel: After the Fall (aka Season 6)

Hey gang, today we're going to revisit the IDW version of Angel post "Not Fade Away". Our issue is #3 and for this issue, our characters being investigated are:

Angel: Angel has a shocking secret that makes his actions in the last three issues both bold, and foolish.

Illyria: Illyria isn't doing so well. She's even more erratic that normal.

Spike: Smooth operator... or is it all an act?

Cordelia (not Ms. Chase, the other one): The one thing you really want when stuck in Hell.

Connor: Doing his part, and trying to keep his dad and Spike from being distracted with killing one another.

Our Characters ROOOOOCK!

Angel: I gotta give Angel a massive-balls KUDO for being him. Seriously, his every action is made of brass-balls since he's been stripped of his superpowers by W & H.

Illyria: Illyria doesn't get any kudos from me for this issue, but I do dig the her vs. dragon fight.

Spike: Spike gets a KUDO for arranging a safe-haven for humans caught in the Fall, while keeping it on the down low and helping Connor on the sly.

Cordelia: The Dragon gets a Half-Kudo for the last minute save of Angel. And her fight with Illyria in the background of Angel and Spike's dialog scenes are made of WIN.

Connor: Connor plays exposition dude, but I'll give him a KUDO for also establishing a safe-haven in conjunction with Spike for people to hide from the Hell Lords and their troops.

Our Characters Suuuuuck!

Angel: Well, considering Angel's position, those brass balls are double-edged -- which makes no sense because I'm mixing metaphors. My point, though, is even for him he's acting suicidally reckless. Half-Demerit.

Illyria: It's hard to know how much of Illyria's rashness to blame on her and how much on how Hell-Angeles is affecting her. But, I think I'm issuing a Half-Demerit for her easy violence toward Angel. I'm not a fan of torture and the pinning him to the wall through his hands was pretty brutal.

Spike: Well, I gotta give a DEMERIT to Spike for being pervy. Illyria lets us know that he's been trying to get peeks of her/Fred's body while she bathes. Not cool -- especially since it is Fred's body.

Cordelia: The Dragon gets zero demerits for her well timed intrusion.

Connor: Connor also doesn't earn any demerits this time out.

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