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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments
BTVS, Season 8, Issue 4

Hey gang, today we're going to take a look at our Buffy cast in the last part of the opening arc for Buffy's Season 8 -- "The Long Way Home".

Our characters reviewed in this one are: Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Xander. I'm also going to be adding Satsu, but not for this issue and I'm still on the fence about Renee; I may just issue special kudos/demerits to her as appropriate.

Our Heroes Are Heroes!

Buffy: Our heroine takes on a whole army base of hostiles, and Amy's magic, and comes out on top. Awesome KUDO.

Willow: Wills is left pretty helpless in this issue, until Buffy comes in for the save. But, I've got to give the witch a Half-Kudo for both anticipating that Buffy may need to save her at some point, and how she prepared for that possibility, as well as for her utter faith in Buffy - even as it seemed on the surface as if the save was coming way too late.

Dawn: Dawn doesn't get any strong moments this time out.

Xander: I'm giving Xan a KUDO for becoming quite the tactician in the approximate year-ish that the Slayer squads were being set up.

I'm also issuing a special KUDO to Satsu for the same reason as Buffy's. She helps liberate Willow from an entire base of military personnel.

Our Heroes Are Dunces!

Buffy: I'm not issuing any demerit toward Buffy. She's in fine form throughout.

Willow: I'm also not issuing any demerits against Wills.

Dawn: I am issuing a Half-Demerit against Dawn for that crack: "I'm not trying to slam you, I swear, but... Will is like a mom to me." Y'know Dawnie, it really wasn't necessary to throw that at your sister and your attempting to soft soap it with that preamble meant exactly zero.

Xander: No demerits are flying Xan's way.

I've also gotta issue a Half-Demerit toward Amy Madison for being so easily knocked off her game by an illusion of her mother. It's not like Buffy cast it at her before Amy knew she and Satsu were there. She was already attacking Buffy when she totally let her guard collapse.

I'm issuing an Anti-KUDO to Warren for the brutal and twisted revenge he decided to take against Willow. His plan was far more devastating than just killing her.

I'm also issuing an Anti-KUDO to Amy Madison for the same scene in which she was so easily distracted. Despite this, she was able to teleport herself out of harm's way right as a thrown grenade went off under her feet.

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