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Third YouTube Listing.

My Third Batch of Favorited Videos on YouTube:

41: [XMFC]-Erik/Charles : Strike me down (X-Men: First Class) - Focuses on Magneto's darkness (well, with his childhood history, it's no wonder) and how Charles' friendship just isn't enough to overcome it.

Composer: Tip83, Music: "Lightning Field" Sneaker Pimps

43: Charles/Erik - Arms (X-Men: First Class) - Unlike the above vid, there is no mistaking the romance between Charles and Erik. And this has less of the angst than "Strike Me Down" above.

Composer: JediJanine, Music: "Arms" Christina Perri

44: Spock's Last Breath--Evanescence (ST:TMP, ST:TWoK) - Even though I could go years without seeing a vid using Evanescence again, it's hard not to admit that their songs are extremely easy to vid to. This one is all about the deep friendship of James T. Kirk and Spock, the sacrifice that comes with duty, and the struggle for the ones left alive to carry on. I tend to not see Kirk/Spock in slash terms (I know, unusual, right?) but you could spin it that way if you'd like.

Composer: Sherlockrulez, Music: "My Last Breath" Evanescence

46: Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Acapella version - Like with the above, I admire Matthias' ability to sing this song, while also maintaining the rhythm and beat with nothing but his hands and vocal ability. I can't imagine the work put into combining the various elements into a whole for the vid.

I went for a long while trying to decide which version of this song I'd keep in my favorites, and decided that I enjoyed both this version and "Walk off the Earth's" about equally. So, I finally gave up and kept 'em both.

Composer: Matthias Harris, Music: "Somebody That I Used to Know", Matthias Harris

47: Dean & Castiel - "I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years" (SPN) - Castiel's love for Dean Winchester was so clear to the fans, that the show finally just had the Angels comment on it in-universe. This vid takes it to its logical conclusion, if only Dean would stop being soooooo heterosexual (not that there is anything wrong with that, except damn it).

Composer: LotofHooplah, Music: "A Thousand Years" Christina Perri (Hey! Second one... I guess I need to buy an album)

48: Kaiju Appreciations; Anguirus (Godzilla-verse) - I have a deep love for the Kaiju, especially the Toho films. And among the fan favorites, including this fan's, is Anguirus. He's not that impressive on paper - no super beam weapons, gets his butt kicked a lot, and his roar sounds more like an elongated whine. But, he never stops fighting and it's that heart that really draws you in. I just wish that he was in more movies, and that they hadn't messed with his costume so badly.

Composer: BobTanaka, "Indestructible" Disturbed

49: The Supernatural Gang has a Theory (SPN) - The SPN team tries to figure out the latest monster, with help from the BTVS gang's singing.

Composer: LadyImmaterial, Music: "I've Got A Theory" BTVS cast in 'Once More With Feeling'

50: (TWD) Daryl & Rick : DRIVE (The Walking Dead) - The changes in Daryl's feeling toward Rick from antagonistic to being his right hand man. This could be slash if you want it, but like with Kirk/Spock, I just like these two as platonic.

Composer: Grable424, Music: "Drive" Incubus

51: Scott/Logan: What Do I Have To Do *slash* (X-Men trilogy, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) - Hugh Jackman. You can never have too much Hugh being macho and half naked in any video. That is just a fact. Now, slash him with a handsome man like James Marsden, who also has disrobed a lot, apparently. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Though less for Wolverine/Cyclops than for the actors in this case (which normally I don't concern myself with).


Composer: Scott Logan, Music: "What Do I Have to Do?" Stabbing Westward

52: This is War - Supernatural (SPN) - The battles, the losses, the war against Michael and Lucifer.

Composer: Mattia Capelli, Music: "This Is War" Thirty Seconds to Mars

53: SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY (Full Fan Film) - The story of Superman's death and resurrection. I had to respect the incredible amount of
work this must have taken.
(incorporates clips from: Oh so many. Watch the end credits... the list is endless. Plus there is a short epilogue/teaser afterward.)

Composer: FilmGames TV, uploaded: kaschei2003, Music: "Aliens" Sub Level 3, "Two Steps from Hell" Moving Mountains, Superman's Theme

54: I Need A Hero (Lord of the Rings trilogy) - Focused on our heroes, naturally enough.

Composer: Ldy Heat, Music: "I Need A Hero" Bonnie Tyler

55: Tonight (BTVS, SPN) - Buffy is replaced by an evil doppelganger and as Dean and Sam start figuring out that something isn't right, she's busy killing off the Scooby Gang to keep them from figuring out that Buffy has been replaced.

Composer: blueweasel1992, Music: "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" Low Roar

56. Sam & Dean: Hey, Brother (SPN) - The song focuses on Sam and Dean's faith in one another, even when they've gone through doubts and hurt feelings.

Composer: ThePankee, Music: "Hey, Brother" Avicii

58. Radioactive - Cas/Sam/Dean/Buffy/Angel {AWC-1 Greed} (Supernatural, BTVS, Angel) - The video gives sharp focus to Castiel's attempts to take over for God, but as we know - he was just never going to be up to it. The Heavenly Host weren't built to be God.

Composer: Tasha Snell, Music: "Radioactive" Imagine Dragons


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