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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, S8, Issue 3

Time for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments, folks. This time out we'll be taking a look at BTVS, S8, Issue 3.

Our Characters in this issue include:

Ms. Buffy: Slayer extraordinaire.

Ms. Willow: Super-witch.

Ms. Dawn: Giantess, shadowed-sister, whiner.

Mr. Xander: Slayer Central overseer, but don't call him a Watcher.

Mr. Giles: Working behind the scenes these days and not at Buffy's side.

Mr. Andrew: Overseeing an Italy contingent of Slayers and embraces being a Watcher.

I'm also very close to including Renee, as she seems to be forming a bond with Xan... close, but not quite.

Our Characters Are "Yay!":

Buffy: Well, Buffy is nearly always a "yay" just through existing (disregarding S6 and parts of S7) but it's not enough to get a kudo, and there isn't much for her to show off in this one.

Willow: Wills gets power-housey with evil witch, Amy and it is awesome. I'm giving her KUDO for changing an invading army of zombies into an army of fancy ball dancers.

Dawn: Dawn gets an awesome moment, and a KUDO for stomping on Amy with her giantess foot. Nice!

Xander: I'm giving Xan a Half-KUDO for his continuing to run the entire operation of multiple locations and still finding time to play morale-officer to his injured Slayers.

Giles: Giles gets what amounts to a cameo, but I like his coolness in convincing the Demon Lord to stand down and not escalate the violence, started in Issue 1. That's worth a Half-KUDO.

Andrew: Andy is also a cameo, but he's just reporting the Italy Squad's status and doesn't get a kudo this time out. (Although, it is pretty amazing to think of Andrew in charge.)

I'm also issue a KUDO to Ethan Rayne! Despite his clearly being a prisoner, he uses his vantage point of being near Amy to help Buffy via her dreamscape.

I also have to issue another Anti-Kudo props to Amy Madison for totally catching Willow off-guard and spiriting her away via portal and right into the Twilight Group's clutches.

Our Characters Are 'Oh, Idiot!':

Buffy: Buffy doesn't do anything to get on my nerves. I did consider, briefly, giving her half-demerit for not seeming to remember much from the Ethan-led dip into Amy's memories even though he told her how important it was. But, it's possible that this is just the way things work... like waking up from a dream and immediately not having clear memories of what just happened, even though it was all so intense only a minute ago. So, no... No demerits.

Wills: Well, Willow does get a few moments where it seems like Amy might get the better of her, including the ending where Amy succeeds. Ordinarily, I'd say this is just the way things go sometimes in battle. But, Willow really does carry an attitude of "hot shit-itis" with her and I do think it contributed to her having her guard down at the wrong moment when dealing with the other witch. I'm issuing a Half-DEMERIT for her not taking the threat of Amy's magic more seriously.

Dawn: Dawnie doesn't do anything to earn a demerit.

Xander: Xan doesn't do anything that makes me want to slap him.

Giles: Rupert, other than the fact that he's obviously not staying in touch with Buffy, isn't annoying me.

Andy: Andrew manages to not make his cameo about screwing up.

And we have no special demerits to hand out.

And that's the that on that. Next up, we'll be reviewing BTVS, Season 9, Issue 16.


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