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Second YouTube Listing

My Second 20 Favorited Videos on YouTube:

22: Haunted Lullaby (BTVS, AtS): This is a wonderful video that captures the essence of Drusilla -- terrifying, and yet tortured and sad.

Composer: DruRynna, Music: "This House Is Haunted" Alice Cooper, With Dialog: Drusilla, Darla

23: Buffy - Still Breathing - Spike (BTVS, AtS): All about Spike's fight to redeem himself in the eyes of those around him and the toll it takes. I would be the first one to admit that when I see Duran Duran, I don't think "BTVS/AtS", but Charmax is wonderful and makes it work ever so well.

Composer: Charmax, Music: "Still Breathing" Duran Duran

24: Everything Burns (X-Men trilogy): You couldn't be an Uncanny X-Men reader in the 80's and not have the Dark Phoenix Saga burned into your brain. It's unfortunate that the movies shortchanged it all so fatally (X3... ugh!) but this video does a good job of capturing the tragedy of Jean Grey.

Composer: charmedangel7000, Music: "Everything Burns" Ben Moody & Anastacia

25: Crush - Bobby/John (X2, X3): Pyro has a murderous crush on Iceman, which turns out badly for Rogue and Shadowcat.

Composer: easilyjaded2, Music: "#1 Crush" Garbage

26: Supernatural - Your Ghost (SPN): All about the deals and sacrifices the Winchester clan has made (which almost invariably backfires or rebounds to punish the children for the parents' sins... SPN is very pessimistic).

Composer: Charmax, Music: "Your Ghost" Greg Laswell

28: Don't Let Go-A Supernatural Music Video (SPN): A beautiful song to reflect the beautiful relationship of mutual devotion the Winchester brothers have for one another... right on through death and resurrection (Dean's in this case).

Composer: elektra56765, Music: "Tears Of An Angel" Ryan Dan (twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky)

29: Castiel & Dean; (heavy slash) we love till the end of the day (SPN): Anaapenas is very much into the R-rated, sexual imagery, so this one is also NSFW. All about the passion between Cas and Dean, two warriors who fight together and love together.

Composer: anaapenas, Music: "We Love Till The End Of The Day" Blue Foundation

32: When Things Explode (SPN): The worst of the Sam/Dean relationship, when things just seemed to be in freefall downhill into a pit of despair and darkness. There isn't a lot of room for optimism when Lucifer is involved.

Composer: Loki, Uploaded: SecretlyToDream, Music: "When Things Explode" Unkle, featuring Ian Astbury

33: BreakMe-Xover-BTVS/SPN (BTVS/SPN, naturally enough): The only thing about this vidder is the annoyingly long introduction before the video proper begins. Skip to 31 seconds and start watching from there. This crosses Buffy's stay in an asylum in "Normal Again" with Sam & Dean's adventure in an asylum in "Sam, Interrupted". It replaces the SPN wraith with Buffy's attacker as a wraith in 'Normal Again'.

Composer: ficbitch82, Music: "Break Me Down" Red

34: Buffy Summers/ Dean Winchester - Even In Death (BTVS/SPN): After Buffy's S5 death, Dean becomes obsessed with her memory and sees her everywhere. Convinced she's alive because of his dreams of her, he goes to track her down despite Sam's disbelief.

Composer: selenwarriorprincess, Music: "Even In Death", Evanesence

35: Faith & Buffy - My Way (BTVS, AtS): Faith has had it with Buffy's "better than you" mentality. Of course, since she turns into a bad guy, she's kinda proving Buffy right. This is probably a NSFW situation due to inappropriate language.

Composer: BxverseProductions/Jamie Adams, Music: "My Way" Limp Bizkit

36: White Blank Page - (Dean&Castiel) (SPN): This one is focused on the complicated feelings and turmoil and love and anger that swirls around Dean and Castiel, especially after Sam's self-sacrifice.

Composer: Heathyr Shea, Music: "White Blank Page" Mumford and Sons

37: Supernatural - Innocence (SPN): A heartbreaking reflection of Dean watching Sam's innocence being stripped away from him, in spite of everything Dean has tried in order to preserve it.

Composer: Sandie Dumicich, Music: "Field of Innocence" Evanescence

38: Until We Bleed (BTVS/SPN): Yeah, "Until We Bleed" again, but this time it is in a fully different context which works very well. Sam, despite Dean's protest, confesses to Buffy that he set Lucifer free. Now the trio need to find a way to work through it and get back to finding a way to stop the fallen angel.

Composer: XdwlLisaX, Music: "Until We Bleed" covered by Meghan Tonjes

39: Faith & Dean - Just a friend of mine (BTVS, SPN, True Calling, Prison Break): Dean gets involved with Faith, but he can't help but notice that she has a lot of hot guy friends hanging around her place.

Composer: ladym4ryjane, Music: "Just A Friend Of Mine" Vaya Con Dios

40: I hear the singing light | Castiel (SPN): Castiel. The angel who rebelled for the love of one righteous man. But was it really worth the aftermath caused?

Composer: k9lover27, Music: "Flickers" Son Lux

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