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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, S8, I2

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Issue 2

Our characters whose actions we must scrutinize will include:

Buffy: She is in the title name, after all.

Giles: More of a cameo appearance, so I don't expect to issue anything.

Andy: Same as Giles; it'll be difficult to find anything to praise or denounce (maybe; it is Andrew -- never underestimate his powers to annoy).

Xander: Rockin' the eyepatch and dark clothes.

Dawn: Giant!Dawn.

Willow: Only a last page "surprise" appearance (oops - sorry to spoil), so don't expect anything yet.

Our Heroes Make Us Feel Good:

Buffy: Well, Buffy does show why she's The Slayer and the rest are just slayers... Half-KUDO for the impressive three on one fight that she ended in seconds.

Giles: Yeah... Giles' cameo doesn't really get a kudo.

Andy: Still same as Giles....

Xander: Xan's issuing orders like a real pro, and he shoots Amy Madison; that's gotta be worth a Half-KUDO.

Dawn: Oh, Dawn. Even as a giantess, all you can do is whine. No kudo.

Willow: Will's appearance is cool, but not kudo-issued.

And, I must give an Anti-Kudo award to Amy for both bypassing the security of the Slayers' central hideout but also managing to actually be in a position to kill Buffy before anyone can stop her (obvs doesn't work, but it's still an impressive feat).

Our Heroes Embarrass Us:

Buffy: Buffy doesn't get any demerits.

Giles: Giles does nothing to disappoint.

Andy: Andy... is Andy. Still, no demerit (but I'll admit that it may be a different story if I had been forced to listen to his whole off-point Lando Calrissian fashion lesson).

Xander: Xan doesn't do anything to earn a mark, although I do question his not having witches actually super-binding Amy, rather than trading banter with her. But, I suppose I'm less bantery and more "eat this you murderous bitch" than Xan is... it's just a difference in style.

Dawn: Dawn... is Dawnie. Again. I'll withhold my demerit, but like with Andrew, I'll admit I may not have done so if I'd actually had to listen to her whole "whine-whaaaa".

Willow: Will doesn't have time to disappoint me, and she's shielded anyway by that awesome entrance.

I must also issue a DEMERIT against all of Slayer Central, specifically Renee and her Slayer-watch partner. Those zombies should not have been able to get most of the ways up the castle wall before being noticed. I mean, the smell alone...!

And that's the what on this issue.

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