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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, S6, Issue 2

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Angel, After the Fall #2

Our characters whose actions we'll be weighing today include:

Angel: I really wanted that one to be a surprise. Please tell me you're surprised.

Nina: Poor Nina, stuck in between werewolf and human.

Connor: Angel's son, and fitting in rather well in a Hellish wasteland.

Gwen: Lightning throwing lass.

Betta George: A floating, telepathic Betta Fish loaded with snark.

Spike: Sitting in the lap of luxury, and suspected by Angel of acting a bit too vampirey in Hellangeles.

Illyria: Hanging out with Spike, and about as sane these days as Nina.

Our Characters Are Noble:

Angel: Angel is doing the Angel-schtick, patrolling L.A. and trying to save as many as possible while fighting against W & H's set-up in the little ways he can. He can have a Half-KUDO for continuing to fight.

Nina: Nina doesn't get anything to do this issue. She's a messenger.

Connor: Connor kicks ass for a change, and he dives in like his father full tilt. Another Half-KUDO is given, considering the chaos and the odds in the fights he's waging.

Gwen: Gwen is also out in the chaos, fighting against the demons... and what's more, she's investigating the death of the Lord from issue 1, and cluing in the good guys that there is something more going on than they thought. She gets a KUDO for being proactive, kick-ass, investigative girl.

Betta George: Betta keeps his cool and snark, even when imprisoned. But I'm not issuing a kudo for just that. Not this time, at least.

Spike: Spike doesn't get a kudo this time out. He's lazing about (or so it appears in this issue).

Illyria: Illyria only has a cameo, so she doesn't get any power moments this issue. No kudo.

Our Characters Are Crappy:

Angel: Angel's only real problem this issue is that he immediately leaps to violence when meeting up with Spike, and makes assumptions that really slight him and Illyria with the most flimsy of "facts". It causes unnecessary drama for no gain. I issue a Half-DEMERIT.

Nina: Again, Nina is a messenger and she's not in her right mind on top of it. I'll issue no demerit to her.

Connor: Connor does nothing to annoy... no demerit.

Gwen: Gwen also doesn't do anything worthy of a mark against her.

Betta George: Betta is too busy being a prisoner and getting punched out to get a demerit.

Spike: Spike is just as guilty of leaping to fighting over discussion as Angel... especially around Angel. I'm also holding him partly to blame for the fisticuffs of pointlessness among our heroes. He gets a Half-DEMERIT.

Illyria: Who knows where Illyria's head is at right now. But she doesn't appear long enough to get a demerit, yet.

And, that's it. Y'know, I was largely disappointed in this "After The Fall" portion of S6 of Angel as it seemed to drag on in a wandering way that led to it feeling unfocused and stretched beyond the amount of time it's plot really needed. Or so, was my impression then. I'm hoping on this second view, I'll find more merit.

Next Up: Buffy's issue 2 Moments posting.

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