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Views From The Island.

Ack. Survived the Arctic Vortex Of Misery, however it was pretty damned rough. I got home yesterday from work to find the heat working, set at 66F as I had left it while I was gone all night... except the temperature in the house was only 60F!

The poorly insulated house was letting the wind right on through, and the poor furnace was overwhelmed. Let's not have any more of that, please.

Anyway, I took a few photos of N. and S. Channel on my drive to the ferry from Harsens to leave for work and a pair at the ferry landing on Algonac's side. You'll be able to see in many of the photos that it was heavily snowing -- I just want to lodge a complaint against Mother Nature, because I was quite vigorously requesting an immediate cessation of such foolishness on her part.

shipping ch1

This is the South Channel, used by the freighters to ship goods.

shipping marker

A buoy, obviously. Offshore, South Channel.

canada coast guard

One of Canada's hard working Coast Guard vessels. Presumably an icebreaker keeping a path open for the freighters.

algonac from island

Algonac, as seen from North Channel Drive from down near the old Boys Club.

island ferry landing

The ferry landing from Harsens Island to Algonac.

across n channel1

Aboard Champions Auto Ferry -- looking Algonac-ward. Stupid snow. The dark grey is solid ice in the channel. The white bar at the bottom is what happens when your photographer refuses to get out of the car to shoot over the rail. He's a lazy cuss, not very dedicated to the shot, as you can see.

n channel

Another attempt because of that clumsy shot above. Again, the railing is in the bottom, right corner because your photographer wouldn't leave the car. I think you may be lucky that he rolled down the window first, or you could've been looking at a giant flash-glare.  Oh... and "stupid snow".


This is Tuesday morning. The snow stopped, the cold didn't. Still, your humble photo-taker actually got out of the car for this one. We're on the mainland, looking across at the island. You can make out steam coming off of the water where the ferry is keeping a path open. It's solid ice on both sides of the narrow passage. This is actually good. As long as the ice pack doesn't move, the ferry can remain open.


Another shot looking across the Channel toward home. I wanted to get a few shots from closer to the river... but it was cold. And clearly this isn't art, so I felt no great desire to suffer for it. Instead, I quickly returned to the car interior and made generally dissatisfied and exasperated noises of displeasure at how cold it was.

I never, ever want to feel Arctic Vortexes again. The roads have been a hassle, like you couldn't believe. Amazingly -- they were actually WORSE after being plowed  and salted. All of the surfaces are slick and I did manage to spin out once in a 180-degree spin. Thankfully I was only going 20mph and I didn't hit anyone or run up a curb, so I was able to get myself turned back around without any damage.

I think this should definitely count as our one 'good' storm for the season and the rest of winter should be smooth sailing. Isn't that how it works? Mother?? You're not answering Mother Nature -- that scares me.

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