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Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy S8, Issue 1

Best Of Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, S8 - Issue 1

In our introductory issue to Season 8, our included characters are:

Buffy: Well, yes, that would be wise.

Xander: And a very sexy season 8 Xan, to boot.

Dawn: Or, actually Giantess!Dawn.

Willow, Giles, Faith, Robin, the S7 potentials, and Andrew are all MIA or I'd include them. The new potentials we see with Buffy aren't defined enough to let us know which should be included, if any. Leah, Renee & Rowena get name checked, so they're *potential* inclusions later (see what I did there).

Our Trio Are Wonderful!

Buffy: I'm given Buffy a KUDO for the awesome take down of a giant demon who dared to mock her attempted use of a giant cross. It turned out to be far more effective than it thought.

Xander: Well, Xan is running Slayer Central so I'm gonna give him a Half-Kudo for really growing into his own.

Dawn: I can't give Dawnie any kudo this issue... and she's back to whining, because we can't get enough of that.

Our Trio Are Not-Wonderful:

Buffy: I'm not going to issue any demerit to Buffster this time out.

Xander: Xan also skates by without any demeritting action.

Dawn: Dawn. Okay, she's bitchy, but I don't think she's demerit-worthy whiney. She slides.

And that's it. I was looking for a special kudo to give to one of the new Slayer squad members, but then "no".

Next Review: I still don't know. I need a break from comic-review. I'm thinking a movie from a "watch free online" source before I dive back into the printed page. The compu-upgrade is probably going to be next month instead of this, for reasons which we need not go into since it'll only lead to me whining like Dawn.

Whatevs. See y'all next time.

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