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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel #1

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel- After The Fall (or S6, if you will) Issue 1

Our Characters in this issue are:

Angel: Well, of course.

Gwen: The electricity-firing mutant.

Nina: Werewolf girl.

Cordelia: The awesome Dragon.

Connor: Angel's son.

For reasons which I won't go into here, I'll not be including Wes or Gunn, even though they're in the comic.

Our Characters Are Aces!

Angel-cakes: Angel's take down of Burge's demonic son with a thrown stake to the eye was pretty awesome. Especially, when we find out Angel's not really himself in a few issues. It gets a KUDO.

Gwen: Gwen doesn't get any power moments in the issue. No kudo.

Nina: Nina also doesn't get a powerful moment. No kudo.

Cordelia: Anytime a Dragon spit roasts dozens of demons, you issue a KUDO and hope she's feeling more friendly. Here you go, Dragony-Goodness.

Connor: Boy-wonder doesn't do anything this issue to earn a kudo.

Our Characters Are Zeroes:

Angel: Well, Angel does manage to piss off the local Demon Lord quite deliberately, which is probably not so smart. But since it's a demon lord, I'm much more inclined to kudo than criticize. No bad marks for Angel.

Gwen: Was it really necessary to throw around the lightning at refugees? I'm gonna issue a Quarter-DEMERIT.

Nina: Nina does lick a girl, freaking her out, but this is due to the affects of Hellangeles so I left her slide.

Cordelia: The Dragon does nothing to earn a demerit. Which is probably more fortunate for me, than her.

Connor: He doesn't have the chance to fail.

And, that's it for Issue 1. See you in a few with the Buffy S8, Issue 1 KUDO/DEMERIT list.

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