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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Bloody Pit of Horror

Hello, Gang:

  It's been awhile since I've shared a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments Post. This time out, we're taking a look at the movie filled with deeply dumb protaganists: Bloody Pit of Horror.

  I'm going to have a bit of a time with this one, simply because I don't want to call any of 'our gang' our heroes. All of them are... *roll eyes*. But, we gotta list a least one, or we'll have no moments to explore.

Our 'Main' Characters:

Business Suit Guy: This would be our organizer and financier of this location photo shooting for a gothic horror novel cover.

Photography Guy: His title would make his role obvious. Technically, his name is Dermott according to IMDB. I missed where his actual name was used. I include him mostly because he actually does something to try to get help when the bad stuff starts.

Travis Anderson: Huh? Oh -- bad guy? You're sure? FINE! Forget Travis, then... even though he's the most interesting of the characters.

Edith: Our character seems to be a general assistant to both Business Guy and the models. She's a bit of a Girl Friday. She also has a connection to our most interesting character. In the review I called her the Final Girl, but this isn't actually accurate as she's not the only survivor -- and she doesn't do much that we would think of as Final Girl behaviors.

Rick: Rick is our ... uh *hero*. He's also apparently the author of the book for which the models are putting together the art for the jackets of. Rick is actually closer to a Final Guy, if he was the only survivor. He certainly does more than our heroine.

OUR HEROES SHINE LIKE STARS (yeah, good luck with that):

Business Suit Guy: Uhm. I'm sorry Business Suit Guy, but I simply cannot issue you any kudos. I feel bad about your particularly nasty (off screen) death, though.

Photography Guy: Photographer is the one who first suspects that something isn't right when he spots a shadow in one of his pictures, but I'm gonna give him his HALF-KUDO for being the only one to actually rush out for the car in order to get the police.

Edith: Edith (who I very clearly was wrong for calling her Final Girl throughout the review -- oh, no she lives, she just doesn't do anything to live up to the title) gets a KUDO for saving Rick's life at a critical moment by shouting a warning that he's about to be shot in the back.

Rick: I'm giving Rick a KUDO for being proactive about his survival. He's the only one that seems anxious to do something when the killing starts, and he risks his own life to save the others, despite their anti-survival instincts.

I'm going to issue a special KUDO to Perry's Girlfriend. Even though she is in a certain-death situation, she has the presence of mind to insist more than once that Rick not risk himself trying to save her (he ignores her) as the risks to himself far outweigh his chances of success. Considering her predicament, I'd say it took a lot of courage to put Rick's life above her own survival.


Business Suit Guy: Where to begin? How can I choose one moment when his every scene leading up to his imprisonment by the bad guy is filled with stupidity. I think I must issue his DEMERIT for not immediately cancelling the photo shoot and summoning the authorities when model, Perry, is shishkabobbed in front of his model girlfriend. Not only is that extremely tacky - but surely it's illegal to not summon help, immediately.

(Of course, somehow, everyone else goes along with this...! Maybe morality is just different in this 'verse.)

Photography Guy: Photographer Guy, alas, is on board with Business Suit Guy to continue the photo shoot, despite a slashed to death model. It isn't until the second murdered body is found that he decides they should summon the police. Sorry, Photo Dude, that earns a DEMERIT.

Edith: Let's just say that Edith is not a very proactive kinda gal when her life is in danger. The amount of times that she's actually useful can be counted on one hand, with fingers to spare. She gets a HALF-DEMERIT for being generally useless in situations where she could've done something.

Rick: Rick's biggest problem is that he's a huge dullard. He gets a DEMERIT for taking every single advantage he has, usually through some protracted attempt a guile, and then throwing the advantage away two seconds later making all of his effort to be clever completely pointless. If it wasn't for the Script Gods, he'd have been doomed, along with Edith.

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