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YouTube Round-Up, 1

The first 19 of my favorite videos over on YouTube. One of them in the original list has just been deleted, which is always annoying.

01: All In The Family video (ER): Lucy Knight and John Carter struggle to stay alive after they're both stabbed by a deranged patient, as in the lobby, their co-workers blast music since its Valentine's Day and a slow night.

Composed/posted: AngyWyle

02: Doomsday Is Tomorrow Fan Trailer 2007 (The Bionic Woman): When a scientist tries to blackmail the world into giving up any nuclear explosions for either war or testing by creating a doomsday device, Jaime has to go head to head against an advanced artifical intelligence who is programmed to win.

Composed/posted: bionicfans

03: Wonder Woman Mix (Wonder Woman/The New Adventures of Wonder Woman): A tribute to Linda Carter's 70's heroine highlighting her spin effect costume change, and super powers. All to an updated remix of her original theme song.

Composed/posted: Trailerparkman

05: The ORIGINAL Scary 'Mary Poppins' Recut Trailer (Disney's Mary Poppins): Who knew that Mary Poppins was actually a horribly terrifying witch who was after the children?!

Composed/posted: moviemker (Chris Rule, Nick Eckert), Music: Julie Andrews/Mary Poppins soundtrack

06: Wonder Twins Gopher moat (The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins): Parody all the way of the Wonder Twins from the Super Friends cartoon.

Composed: Adult Swim, posted by: Chad Rushing

07: Buffy vs. Freddy (BTVS, NOES): A trailer for Freddy Krueger's invasion of Buffy's Sunnydale.

Composed: wiffy buffyverse, posted: shaunalease

08: Ave Maria - Jadzia Dax Tribute (ST: DS9): What it says on the tin.

Posted: vastvision, Music Composed by: Paul Schwartz, Aria2: New Horizon

09: The Goddess And The Slayer (BTVS): A video focusing on Glorificus and Buffy in Season 5.

Composed: Muggio1, Music: The Show Must Go On by Queen

10: Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed - [original version] (BTVS/Twilight): The composer very cleverly takes everything about Edward that is supposed to be romantic in Twilight and reveals just how creep!stalker it actually is when he pulls that crap on Buffy instead of Drippy!Girl.

Composed: rebelliouspixels/Jonathan McIntosh, Music Snippets:  'Panic Attack' - X-Ray Dog
0:39 'Clandestine Spirit' - X-Ray Dog
1:45 'Play it by Ear' - Summercamp
3:10 'Mercy of Darkness' - Two Steps from Hell [&]
3:39 'Power of One' - X-Ray Dog (Twilight Trailer)
5:00 'Gothic Power' - X-Ray Dog (LOTR Trailer)
5:35 'Eyes on Fire' - Blue Foundation (Twilight Soundtrack)

11: Faith - Breaking the Habit (BTVS/AtS): Faith reflects on all of the blood she's spilled and all of the pain she has caused, as she begins to accept the responsibility for her own actions.

Composed: Marquee777, Music: "Breaking the Habit" Linkin Park

12: Drusilla - Damaged (BTVS, AtS): An interesting look into the mind of Dru. What I really like about this is how the composer incorporated dialog from Angel and Angelus about her over her scenes.

Composer: Astarte, Posted by: sita1jean, Music: "Damaged" Plumb

13: When You're Evil - Angelus (BTVS, Ats): A fun song for the sheer enjoyment Angelus gets out of being a prick.

Composer: spotlightjrt, Music: "When You're Evil" by Voltaire

14: Buffy - BTVS-ATS Spike/Angel - Your Woman (BTVS, AtS): Another fun song. This one describing the slash/hate relationship between Angelus/Spike & Angel/Spike and how Spike always gets the short end.

Composer: Charmax, Music: "Your Woman" White Town

16: Buffy/Faith - Bruised (BTVS): The war between Buffy and Faith never quits.

Composer: LoveLost90, Music: "Bruised" Sugababes

17: Faith and Buffy - I Don't Care (BTVS, AtS): Faith a serious case of jealousy and a terminal lack of self-respect, and at the center of it all is Buffy, The Golden stealing what should be hers.

Composer: ConfuzzeledGirl32, Music: "I Don't Care" Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier

18: Angel/Faith, Salvage, Orpheus, Release, Season 4 (AtS): Faith's return with Wes to stop Angelus

Composer: Wicked-Amp, Uploaded by: darkbecci, Music: "Hope" Apocolyptica

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