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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, 'BECOMING'

It's time for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moment's post, where we take a look at the heroes of our tale.

We'll be checking out the Scooby Gang in BTVS' BECOMING, parts I & II and sizing up our folks to see where they shined as people, and where they really sucked.


Our Characters Are Best!

Buffy- I found nothing kudo-worthy for our heroine.

Xan- Xander gets a Kudo for the Cordelia-save... while suffering a broken arm. He allows Cord to get out of harm's way and gets laid out by staying to fight even when injured.

Wills- I was tempted to give Wills a half-kudo for stepping up to try the re-cursing, but I'm not sure I can. This seemed more about her wanting to be important, than about Angel's save. I think I'm siding with no kudo.

Rupert- I have to give Giles a Kudo for putting serious consideration (and ultimately agreeing to) into restoring Angel to stop Angelus. If anyone had a right to reject the proposal outright, and the knowledge to make a denial sound like the only reasonable course of action, it's him. But he puts aside his own trauma to think about the bigger picture and to absolve Angel of Angelus' actions.

Cordy- Cordy does help with the spellworks, but at this point, I think helping in Scooby-situations is required, so it'll take more than that for Ms. Chase to get kudos.

Angel (flashback-style): Angel embraces helping the Slayer, instead of just staying withdrawn from life and feeling all sorry for himself. I give only half-kudo, though, because he really didn't give up much to do so.

Our Characters Are Horrible!

Buffster- I'm not issuing any demerit toward Buffy, even for falling into Angelus' distraction trap.

Xan-Man- Xander! So much anger toward him. He gets a mighty Demerit for that display in the library while they're discussing restoring Angel. Not only is he blinded by his own hate, but throwing that Jenny's last wish doesn't matter in Giles' face, because she's dead was absolutely appalling. [And, yes, what he says to Buffy afterward is also appalling and worthy of Demerit, but I'm only passing out one per episode, and I'm going with throwing Jenny's murder in Giles' face.]

Willow- Willow gets no demerits.

Ripper- Giles doesn't do anything to disappoint.

Queen C- Cordelia isn't horrible.

Angel (flashback-Liam, actually): Well, it's obvious that Angel as human wasn't any great shakes. But, while he talks about robbery, we really only see him get sloppy drunk and then get attracted to sex in an alley. Sure, that last part is a bit sleazy, but enough for a demerit? I think not. I'll let him slide.

Also, I'm issuing a special Demerit to the gypsy clan that caused this whole BECOMING mess by doing the curse thing in the first place, instead of simply staking Angelus when they had him disabled.

I also, *sigh*, feel like I should issue a half of an anti-kudo to Angelus for his playing Buffy so perfectly to get to a vulnerable Giles.

And, I gotta give Drusilla an anti-kudo of her own for taking on a Slayer and winning.


Our Characters Need Hugs!

Buffy- Buffy sending Angel to Hell because it needs to be done and she's the only one able to do it. KUDOS. [But I wish I could give it for Buffy's sword catch, instead, because that moment is pure awesome.]

Xan- Xan's going into the lion's den to help Buffy, even though he's still injured gets a Kudo.

Willow- Willow trying the curse again, despite having every excuse not to gets a Kudo.

Giles- Rupert's resistance to torture to stop Angelus gets Kudos.

Cordy- Cordelia doesn't do anything particularly kudo-worthy.

Angel- Nothing for Angel, except sympathy for where he's going.

I give half-kudo to Spike, of all people, for being willing to team up with Buffy. His motives are selfish, so we can't grant a full kudo to him, but he didn't betray her exactly (he did leave her to face her doom at Angelus' hands, but since he isn't a good guy, I don't think he was compelled to step in).

Our Characters Should Be Shunned!

Buffy- Buffy's entire "invite Spike... SPIKE... into my house" thing. That is such a colossal bad idea, and really even returning to her house at all with the police on her trail is dumb. Demerit.

Xander- I don't demerit, Xan. I know. But, I've explained in the review why I'm on his side during his 'betrayal'.

Willow- Willow gets no demerits.

Rupert- Rupert plays the hero... I don't give demerits for being hypno-whammied by Drusilla.

Cordelia- Cordy is nothing but helpful.

Angel- No demerits for Angel; he gets the suckiest suck in the world.

I'm issuing a half-demerit to Whistler as well for not "getting off your immortal ass and fighting evil once in a while". With things this desperate, his putting it all on Buffy's shoulders sucks.

I'm going to issue a half anti-kudo to Angelus for taking on Buffy and actually beating her. It was right down to the final sword stroke before Buffy was able to rally -- but he did a great job of disarming and beating her down.

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