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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: "Anatomy of a Psycho"

I'm working on that X-Files review for y'all and I'm really close to complete. I've gotten all the way to about ... 4 ... minutes ... in. Uhm.

Hey! Y'know what would be fun: A Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments Posting!

Let's take a look at the movie "Anatomy of a Psycho"!

Our ... well, let's not say heroes, let's say 'protagonists who aren't the specified psycho' are:

Mickey/Mike: Mickey is involved with the psycho's sister, Pat. His father is also the man whose testimony caused the conviction and death penalty for our psycho's brother, which is what is driving him over the edge.

Mike tries to be decent, but the script makes him a douchbag, although I seriously don't think the scripters realized it. Poor, Mike. [And I rant and rant about what he's allowed to get away with; The scripts view of Mickey really pissed me off.]

Pat Marco: Poor, Pat! She has hooked up with an inconsiderate boyfriend who chooses parties to deliver the most shocking news. Her eldest brother who took over the parenting role when her parents died turned out to be a criminal who killed somebody during a botched robbery and got executed. And her other brother is very quickly unraveling. All the sympathies for Pat.

Lt. Mac: Our detective thinks that Pat's brother (the alive one) may be behind the escalating violence against the people associated with the execution of Duke Marco. And he's not going to stop harrassing until he can break the young man's sanity and force a confession, damn it!

Bobby: Our young psycho's bestest friend, only sympathetic ear and very possibly in love with him. Unfortunately Bobby is largely ineffective in tempering Chet's need for vengeance.

Our Characters Do Good.

Mike: Oh, Mike. He really tries to smooth things over with Chet Marco, especially after asking Pat to marry him. But it all goes so wrong [mostly because of Mike's poor judgement and big mouth]. I'll give him a half of a kudo for overlooking Chet's continual hostility for the sake of trying to reconnect he and Pat as a family.

Pat: As mentioned, Pat has been through the ringer twice. Despite this she remains generally optimistic, kind to a fault, sympathetic toward everyone and is generally a strong and nice person. Kudos, Pat.

Lt. Mac: Well. I don't want to give the detective any kudos, but (thanks to script help) one cannot deny the man's ability to size up people and situations to (nearly supernaturally) know who did what where. He's a savant. Kudos to his abilities.

Bobby: Poor Bobby. I have a lot of sympathy for him, too. He's clearly in love with a bad man. But he doesn't do anything to receive a kudo despite my sympathies. No Kudo For You

Our Characters Do Wrong:

Mike: Christ, Mike! There are so many turd-y things that Mike does. But I think his greatest issue is that he never takes responsibility for anything that he does. And this leads to him grabbing a knife during a fist fight and causing the death of a man [despite the script being bent pretzel-shape to make him seem innocent]. Big, big demerit there, Mickey.

Pat: Pat's a little blind about just how big a dickhead her boyfriend is. I'm thinking that her "kind to a fault" can be read as "doormat" ... half-demerit, Pat. You need to grow a spine and turn some of that Chet-anger on Mike when he pulls insensitive shit on you.

Lt. Mac: Y'know those abilities that make him a great detective? Well, they're not paired off with an equal gift for police work. The man's attempts to get information, cojole or pressure witnesses or handle evidence in such a way that it won't be contaminated before trial all SUCK. DEMERIT for shoddy police procedure.

Bobby: Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Being a good friend is one thing. Lying on the witness stand, especially when the truth would've been just as damning to Mike is another. You really shouldn't have agreed with all of the embellishments that Chet added to what happened to Mo, and you really should've gone for some help when Chet was very clearly spinning out. DEMERIT, poor simple Bobby - DEMERIT, most hardily.

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