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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: A Face in the Fog

I'm working on the movie review, but I gotta say, at 20 minutes in I'm pretty bored. So instead of doing that, let's revisit the Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments post. And then play Endless Space.

Today's subject is the movie, "A Face In the Fog", which I found... to... be... boring.... OH, SCREW ME!

*Sigh* Okay, uh, quick rundown of our included characters:

Jean Monroe: An ambitious news editor with a unisex name in a 1930's flick, meaning she's female. She's also willing to set herself up as bait for the mysterious killer -- without any sort of plan to actually catch him/her. Yeah, more ambitions than brains - this one.

Frank Gordon: A fellow reporter at Jean's place of employment who is trying to keep Jean alive... while apparently falling in passionless luurrve with her between one scene and the next. Because it's the 1930's and apparently love was very sudden, then... like a zit appearing.

Elmer: Photographer at the same paper our reporters work at. Despite being the Odious Komedy Relief (in a film that we desperately needed something to have relief over), Elmer has a few helpful moments.

Our Heroes Define Good Character!

Jean: Uh. I suppose you can give props to Jean for taking an active hand in trying to find The Fiend by setting herself up as potential victim. She's too stupid about it to get a full kudo though. I'll issue a half-kudo for taking the initiative to stop a killer.

Frank: Frank does take on who he believes is the murderer in hand to hand, rather than running away, to save Jean. That's noble.

Elmer: Frank would've been killed if it wasn't for Elmer. But the half-assed way this was all presented makes me only want to give Elmer a half-kudo as well. And, it's my site. Half-Kudo, Elmer, only half.

Our Heroes Aren't Very Nice People!

Jean: Jean is fucking dumb. Yes, not just dumb, but "fucking dumb". From my review: Jean's drawn a killer right to her with the idea that she'd... um... not have a trap prepared, not have a weapon at the ready, leaving her windows open for intruders, and not informing the police about her plan to draw The Fiend's attention. Clearly she's a mastermind, right up there with Holmes.

And, I'm not discounting the fact that Jean published an article full of her lies about having witnessed The Fiend - but that may have been forgivable, if she wasn't so stupid about it all.

Frank: Ugh, Frank. The man is a mean-spirited jerk toward Elmer. Now, usually, I'd be all for cruelty toward the Odious Komedy character, but for reasons explained in the review, Frank just comes off as an awful human being full of spite.

Elmer: Frank tells Elmer over the phone that the killer who has attempted to murder both Frank and Jean, people that Elmer knows and in the case of Jean generally likes, is in the hotel. This is after Elmer heard a fight and gunshot. Frank pleads with Elmer to summon the police immediately... Elmer faints. Oh, dear. Cowardliness is unattractive Elmer (and actually OOC for him, I think).

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