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Best of / Worst of Character Moment: Night Tide

Best of / Worst Of ... Character Moments

Before we get into my new, expansion segment of the Best Of / Worst of Others, I want to mention the next two reviews. With the work week winding down, you can expect BECOMING, Part I from BTVS tonight or early Sunday morning. I'm planning on posting BECOMING, Part II very closely afterward, so it should be posted by Sunday night at the latest. (Quick edit to state that the BECOMING part 1 review will be a bit later tomorrow than I originally wanted: I just got through the library scene -- you know the one -- and I totally need to take a breath before returning to it, but the review is earnestly in progress.)

So, currently the Best Of / Worst Of segments has been focusing on series reviews: BTVS, Buck Rogers, X-Files & SPN. This new "Others" space will be for analyzing characters from other reviews outside these categories.

Our first customer is for the movie, "Night Tide". First, a rundown of our included characters...

Johnny Drake: Sailor on leave, who meets and becomes instantly involved (and I do mean instantly) with mysterious, and slightly loopy, girl on the pier. He starts to wonder if he's slipping into the Twilight Zone.

Mora: Mysterious, and slightly loopy, girl on the pier. She works as a carnival sideshow "mermaid". But, she believes herself to be an actual mermaid and that her people are calling her to rejoin them in the sea.

Samuel Murdock: Retired ship's captain and world traveler. He's also a foster-parent of sort to the mysterious Mora. He insists to Johnny that Mora's belief in being a mermaid is not only true, but that she can be dangerous when the full moon calls to her...!

Our Characters Are Great People:

Johnny- Well, great is really overstating it. I'm going to give John a half-kudo for being a patient, and tolerant man. Mora is so weird from the get-go, that I'm having problems understanding the instant attraction, but what really earns a slightest kudo is his ability to not get instantly sick when Mora serves him fish and coffee for breakfast. GROSS.

Mora- I liked Mora well enough, despite her oddness, but she did nothing that I'd consider kudo-worthy. And that's even with my obviously low standards to issue 'em ... i.e. see above.

Sam Murdock- I couldn't find anything that Sam did that was worthy of kudo. Sure, he took Mora in when she was orphaned, but when you see his demerit below, I think you'll find that this seeming act of selflessness is extremely suspect.

Our Characters Are Stupid or Horrible:

Johnny- I understand John's emotional turmoil... truly. But, he's already heard of two boyfriends of Mora's who had drowning accidents. He goes scuba diving with her, she very deliberately tries to kill him via drowning before disappearing, and he does not go to the police. He doesn't do anything, in fact, to get her off the streets when obvs she is an extremely disturbed woman. Now, he does go to confront her later and found out what is going on with her head, but still... half-demerit, at least!

Mora- Obviously Mora's attempting to murder Johnny would ordinarily be given a demerit, I mean that's minimally what she should get. But, in this instance, I'm going to wave that aside. The poor girl has never had a chance and I don't think she can be held responsible for her actions -- again, see Sam Murdock's entry below. I'm letting Mora slide due to extreme mental illness.

Sam Murdock- Wow. ALL THE DEMERITS. Sam is a multiple murderer [those two previous boyfriends], a controlling, sociopathic personality [raises Mora to believe she's not human, and uses this to try to keep her brainwashed into being totally dependent on only him] and a narcissist to extremes [won't allow Mora to form any attachments -- and, in fact, raised her in such a way that it was a deliberate intent to mentally damage her into only having affection for himself].

But in the end I can only issue one demerit for one 'worst of' thing -- so I'm issuing it for convincing Mora that she was the one to murder her previous boyfriends, and convincing her she'd kill again. It was this that had pushed her over the edge enough to actually attempt her own murder upon Johnny, matching how Sam killed her previous boyfriends -- and which drove her to suicide by drowning to stop herself from further harming anyone else.

HE IS THE WORST. And all in such a kindly, if somewhat doddering, package. UUUGGGGGGHHHH.

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