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Supernatural: Best of / Worst of ....

Best of / Worst of Character Moments - SPN edition

This posting, we'll be taking a look at Supernatural's "Hook Man" and see how our brothers did as far as being decent men and just where they may have come up a bit short.

Our Heroes Get Cheers!

Dean W - I'm going to give a kudo to Dean for something outside of the main plot, actually. He was being very sensitive and respectful of Sam's grief in this episode, which is a complete turnaround from the douchery of "Dead In The Water".

Sam W - Sam (and Dean) had some very nice, logical reasoning while researching the phenomena.

Our Heroes Get Jeers!

Dean-jerk: I don't know, Dean. With the entire modus operandi of the killer being the hook hand, it seems a bit clumsy not to notice that you weren't burning the hook in the grave ... half-demerit.

Sammy-twit: Oh, Sam. You know you're fighting a ghost, but you're wandering around with no anti-spirit weaponry at all? Didn't you anticipate that maybe you'd be fighting the murderous spirit at some point? Unlike your brother, you get a full demerit.
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