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Feint and Counter-Feints continued

I posted Chapter 5 of the current story in the spanderverse community. In other news, feeling anxious right now... mostly bills and money issues. I mean, it's not bad, I'm a lot better off than some, but don't you sometimes just want to say "screw it" and just walk away from it all. I just get tired sometimes of always being just behind... never actually catching up with everything.

And I'm having trouble with carrying Spanderverse into 'Season Six' which just sucks. I've set up some story arcs but am having a lot of trouble writing around them. Blah... never mind... on to the linkage!

A Not So Festive Christmas

How can the Summers' women expect to have a festive holiday with Dawn's secret, Glory and the Knights all hanging over their heads? And Travers showing up at their door on Christmas day doesn't help matters any.

It does convince Buffy that she may need Spike's help though and she's not too proud to ask. She does get a little, needed boost with a surprise phone call.

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