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Buck Rogers: Best Of / Worst Of....

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: This posting, we'll be taking a look at Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Unchained Woman".

Let's see how inspiring ... and insipid... our characters can be.

Our Heroes: I'm Inspired!

Buck R - I wasn't overly impressed with Buck on this mission; no kudo.

Wilma D - I wasn't especially impressed with Wilma on this mission; also no kudo.

Dr. H - Presumably, Huer was in on the planning of the mission to break Jen Burton out of prison. It was a good plan.

Dr. T - I liked how quickly Dr. Theo noticed how off Ambassador Warwick's behavior seemed to be, raising suspicions.

Twiki - Twiki also noted that the Ambassador's reactions just didn't seem correct, reinforcing Dr. Theo's apprehensions.

Our Heroes: I'm Not Inspired!

Shmuk: I wasn't outraged by any of Rogers' actions. He'll get no demerit.

Wimpy: Wilma's penchant for getting captured was annoying... half-demerit.

Hater: Oh, Doctor Huer. You're really going to share the last intimate detail of a highly illegal incursion into another state's sovereignty with your friend? Really?? They don't teach "national security" in Defense Directorate Administration?

Theodork: Doctor Theopolous, gives the real identities of undercover agents with minimal prompting. Great going!

Twitty: Twiki did nothing to cause annoyance.
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