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BTVS: Best Of / Worst Of....

Hello, Gang. Welcome back to another edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments".

Today's subject of interest is BTVS' "Go Fish"... okay, 'interest' might have been overselling it.

Still, that is our episode so let's check out if we can issue some Kudos, and if we can refrain from issuing Demerits.

Our Characters - Big Hugs:

Buffy S - I've looked and looked. I just don't see Kudo-material for Buffy.

Xander H - Obviously Xan going undercover on the swim team, knowing that this could make him a target, was quite brave.

Willow R - I have no Kudo to issue to Wills.

Rupert G - I've nothing great to say about Giles.

Cordelia C - Cordelia's heartfelt proclamations of love and admiration to Xander for his courage were a very nice moment, even though she wasn't talking to him after all.

Angel - Sorry, Angel. You still don't get to play.

Our Characters - Behold My Icy Glare

Buffy: So, even though nothing happened due to script-protection, I must still issue a demerit for Buffy. Turning her back on the monster in the gym room, even if Gage is in some sort of distress behind her was really dumb. She doesn't even do the "keep an eye on both at once" deal. She just plain turns her back to stare at Gage transforming with a huge monster standing right behind

Xander: Xander's attempts to smoothly question the swim team about steroid use is pathetic. Half-Demerit for going about it so clumsily.

Willow: Willow gets out of this one without any demerits.

Rupert: I've got nothing harsh to say about Giles.

Cordelia: Cordy still hasn't let go of her superficial, rude selfishness.

Angel: Angel can't do anything to annoy, since he's not in residence.

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