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Random Love Post -- Cyndi

Hey all.  While I'm working on my latest movie review, here is another entry in my Random Love posting. This involves my childhood loves of my 70'-80's youth that are still active today.

Our subject today is the always awesome, Cyndi Lauper.

Let's face it. Even in the 80's, Cyndi was "so unusual". But, even then when I was so far into the closet I used to wish I'd get hit by a bus in a freak accident, because that would be better than my parents & brother having to deal with a queer in the family, Cyndi was able to be different, be herself, and be out loud about it.

Just her being different, and being popular for/because of/in spite of/embraced due to -  that helped when this struggling teen needed it. She wasn't the only one, but she was a part of helping me through.

All my love, Cyndi.

Loves: She-Bop (aka masturbation-is-normal, you're not a freak) {okay, there was the unfortunate fact that she was an 80's kinda gal.... lol}
Time After Time
A Night To Remember (one of my favorites)
I Drove All Night (also, loving this song)

Ms. Lauper has also dabbled in acting, like when she played a psychic who may or may not have been genuine. I was pretty thrilled to see her.

Ms. Cyndi has also been a vanguard when it comes to gay rights. But, really, I love her for her music... and her being "so unusual".
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