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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments -- BTVS' "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments

Join me this time as we dive back into BTVS' "I Only Have Eyes For You" to examine those moments when our characters were at their best, and those times when... well... they aren't.

Obviously, for this episode we have a caveat in play. We cannot include any moment when the characters were under the possession of James or Grace. This may be a bit iffy in Buffy's case, since she seems to be a focus for James, so it could be argued that she was being influenced since the yearbook drop in Snyder's office but we'll just consider anything in which Buffy isn't obviously under a thrall.

Our Characters show Good Character:

Buffy - I simply don't have any character moments from Buffy that knocked my socks off.

Xander - I'm gonna give Xan a kudo for taking the cafeteria during the attempted exorcism. He knows that the lunch room is a "hot area" and there are even still snakes there from James' earlier temper tantrum. It took some guts to choose to be the one to face off against James' ghost in that room.

Willow - I'll give Willow a half-kudo for keeping Giles in mind while going through Jenny's things. It was awfully sweet of her to give Giles Jenny's quartz trinket as a way to sympathize and try to comfort him a little.

Giles - Rupert tackling an armed and murderous George was pretty brave. But, then, he is a Watcher. I'll give 'im half-kudo.

Cordelia - Cordy gets a kudo for staying to perform the exorcism, even after the freak out with her face getting all rotted on her. She doesn't run and she keeps it together to perform her part of the ritual. I think we can say that she is definitely a Scooby Gang member now.

Angel - He's still absent, thanks to that darned soul-losing.

Our Characters show that They're Flawed:

Buffy: I'm not going to issue a demerit to Buffy for anything in this episode.

Xander: Xander doesn't annoy me in this episode, no demerit.

Willow: I've nothing to complain about with Willow's behavior.

Giles: I have to give Rupert a demerit, and I'm sure he'd understand even as I understand why he acted the way he did. But, it remains a fact that Rupes really blew it by insisting that the angry ghost was Ms. Calendar when nothing about the spirit's modus operandi indicated that. In fact, it seemed pretty clearly to be indicating that it wasn't Jenny.

Cordelia: I'm not going to issue a demerit to Ms. Chase, but I will offer her a word of advice -- do not try to apply concealer on an open wound!

Angel: No Angel in this episode, it's all Angelus (or Grace).

I have a special demerit to issue this episode. I'm giving one to Snyder for being a rat-bastard. I know he has ulterior motives, but even with that, trying to find some reason to blame Buffy for the hallway incident between our opening random teens is too much.

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