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Two Weeks since I've Posted?!

Jeezus. Sorry about the wait for the next review gang. I'm working on it, but its in fits and starts. I'm trying to arrange getting the house worked on and the worry and stress over the financing has been eating up my attention and making it hard to sleep. I'm not poor by any means, but I'm not well off either so every unexpected expense causes no end of consternation and I tend toward obsessive worry.

To unwind and distract, I've been playing Endless Space instead of reviewing. I'm just bad.

But it is definitely my intention to get the review posted sometime today or tomorrow for sure. I'm halfway through the movie so it should be doable, despite my self anti-discipline.

I also considered posting the standby "Best of / Worst of" for I Only Have Eyes For You, but honestly I'm just too distracted to parse it out when I don't remember any actual strong points on either side to be made.

Anyway, I'm still online and I'll be posting that review very soon.
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