harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Simple Update

Again, sorry for the delay in postings to all of my legion of fans who devote themselves to my every utterance (you are legion, right -- of course you are, moving on).

We're in our work schedule where we flip-flop weeks - meaning I worked 12.50 hours shifts for three days, was off for one, and am back for another 3 shifts. I'm a bit poopered out. I've tried to review the Angel/Faith #4 to get it out here but ended up just transcribing what I saw on the page without commenting at all. And, even with that half-assed effort I had trouble focusing and my typos were even more atrocious than usual.

Simply unacceptable. So I tabled it until Wed, when I can get in a long sleep and then start from scratch. It should be posted late, late
Wed. night or early, early Thur. morning.

I've also been doing some thinking on the next review, and I think I'm going to jump straight into the next BTVS: S2 episode. I was debating taking a Buffy-break to do something else first, but I feel up for it. That'll be posted by the weekend.

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