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28 April 2013 @ 12:17 pm
Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - Supernatural  
Best of / Worst of Character Moments:

Supernatural "Skin"

Our Brothers Are Great:

Dean W: I'm gonna give it up to Dean's observations skills in this one (he also took out the Shifter, but he had a gun so it wasn't that impressive). He spotted every obvious clue that Our Sam somehow kept missing.

Sam W: Sam is really good at spotting quick images on video recordings. He sees the Shifter on tape, disguised as Zach, with reflective eyes that was on screen only very briefly.

Our Brothers Kinda Suck:
(And this one is a bit challenging; Our Boys are pretty mediocre hunters in this one, so there are a lot of options.)

Adorable Dean: So, Dean's lack of grace with Sam's former life is really pretty jerky. He seems intent on isolating Sam and ignoring that his brother never wanted to do this full time and that there is going to come a day when Our Sam wants to get back to life outside of hunting monsters.

Our Sammy: Apparently, spotting the eye-shine on videotape of the Shifter tapped out Our Sammy's entire attention span. He consistently misses clues right by his face until older brother Dean points them out.