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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: BTVS

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Killed by Death"

But first, let me apologize for not posting in an absurd number of days. I don't really have any reasons for my lack of general energy - the changing of the weather? Whatevs... I still should have had something of interest to post.

I'm working on the SPN review. Strangely, I'm only doing like 5 minutes at a time and it isn't because I'm not interested in the episode or anything either. It is just feeling like a real load to describe/comment on each scene. Yeah, I'm going with the changing weather and all of the cold rain we've had over the past week. It's makin' me wanna bundle myself in blankets and nap the everlasting nap all day.

Anyway, onto the point of this post:

Our Heroes Get a Hip-hip-hooray!

Buffy: Well, Buffy proves she can kill a life-sucking monster even while raging with fever. Kudos.

Xander: Xander's confrontation, standing toe to toe, with Angelus is brave (foolhardy, but brave) and I am proud of him for keeping his composure and not showing an iota of fear toward Angelus' threats.

Willow: I'm gonna give a kudos to Willow for her quick thinking in distracting security with her 'frog-fear hallucination', allowing Buffy to slip away after Der Kinderstod.

Rupert: I'm not really impressed enough to Kudo Giles.

Cordelia: Cordy's character continues to evolve and she is particularly helpful in this episode. Including taking the lead in shoring up Xander without even being asked by coming back to the hospital at night with coffee and donuts for him. She also ends up locating the demon that we're hunting this episode.

Alas, Angel remains missing.

Our Heroes get a Boo-hiss-you-idiot!

Buff: I don't fault Buffy for anything enough to demerit her.

Xan: Xander's confrontation with Angelus is cool. Doing so without any armament tucked away is not.

Wills: Willow doesn't do anything to annoy.

Giles: Rupert doesn't faux pas.

Cordy: Cordelia isn't a cause of any consternation for a black mark.

And, yay -- I don't have to give Angelus an anti-kudo for extreme harshness!

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