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Random Love - Corey

Oh, my Lord. The crushing I did on this guy. I still love hearing him sing, though the only song I tend to occasionally hear on the radio is "Sunglasses at Night", which of course is exactly the MTV video that started my hard crush in the first place. COREY HART

But I also love:

Eurasian Eyes

A Little Love

Angry Young Man

92 Days of Rain

It's actually that last one that inspired/hounded me to post this Random Love: The damned thing has been on repeat-play in my brain for days. You can read more about him on the WIKI ... of course.

As to the movie review I'm working on. I've got 20 minutes to go, but ... yeah... maybe tomorrow night? The car is having problems, so I'll be working on that and no doubt paying a fortune. I think it's a cooling fluid pump... maybe. Anyway, we'll see how long it takes to get taken care of and how angry/depressed/tired I am when I return. If it doesn't tomorrow, though, it will certainly be by Tuesday.

Following "Teenage Zombies", will be the comic review for BTVS: S9, Issue 2.

Okay, that's all I got... go back to what you were doing, which you immediately dropped when you saw I had posted because my life is so utterly fascinating and I'm magnetic, and stuff.
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